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09-12-01 Hi Jeff - You were subjected to the Kozinski Fraud as well....

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RE: Alex Kozinski and the old Flimflam...
Hi Jeff:
You were subjected to the Kozinski Fraud as well....
I am not an attorney, not even by a long shot. However, I have some interest in computer frauds and how the judicial branch of the U.S. Government practices such frauds on the American People. I actually am interested in your case, as part of my database of U.S. courts in the various districts, It helps to demonstrate that all district courts practice the same basic fraud. It points directly to the
Administrative Office of the Courts as the culprit. Furthermore, I claim that the breakdown of any semblance of integrity at the courts, at banking regulators, and at the justice system, is the fundamental problem that landed us in the current crisis. No financial institution would ever be subjected to the fraud you were subjected to... trust me...
But let's not jump too far.
The answer to your questions has nothing to do with immunity, and nothing to do with the partnership - because you simply never had a case in any court whatsoever in the first place. You were subjected to the standard fraud, let's call it the
Kozinski Fraud - sham court actions.
The answer to your questions is in fact in the CM/ECF manual of your district court, page 33, and the Opening New Case module, page 10.
A. Opening a New Case

Once you file the case initiating document and receive the Notice of Electronic Filing, your case is
considered opened. The Clerks Office will review all information entered during Online Case Opening
and, if needed, make any corrections.

Did you receive an NEF (Notice of Electronic Filing) for the complaint???
I am sure the answer is "NO"...
Therefore, you case was never considered opened in the first place.
B. Other court records.
Now let's go to page 34 of the CM/ECF manual,


The screen depicted above provides confirmation that ECF has registered your transaction
and the pleading is now an official court document. It also displays the date and time of
your transaction and the number that was assigned to your document. You should note this
number on the documents PDF file.
Note: The Notice of Electronic Filing represents your Certificate of Service. The
Court strongly urges you to copy it to a file on your computers hard drive or
print it, and retain a hard copy in your personal files.
ECF will electronically transmit the Notice of Electronic Filing to the attorneys and
parties to the case who have supplied their E-Mail addresses to the Court. The ECF
filing report also displays the name and addresses of individuals who will not be
electronically notified of the filing. It is the filers responsibility to serve hard
copies of the pleading and the Notice of Electronic Filing to attorneys and parties
who are not set up for electronic notification
Did you ever receive an NEF (Notice of Electronic Filing) for any paper from parties, or orders and judgments by the courts???
I am sure the answer is "NO"..
Therefore, you should consider it as if you never received any papers at all.
If you would be willing to help me in collecting a bit more information about the fraud practiced by your District Court, I would be grateful. Please email me directly.

Joe Zernik

P.S. How about a trip to a Human Rights Court in Costa Rica or Madrid Spain during the holidays? Tax deductible...

Basel Committee
U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights
Prof Posner - as a request for corrective actions.
Various law school faculty.
U,S, Congress

At 09:33 28/11/2009, jeffandmary@ozarkopathy.org wrote:
Dear Reformers

In our federal civil rights action (Case No.: 08-5093-CV-SW-RED), we
filed a complaint with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals against the
trial judge for concealing from us his 13-year senior partnership with
the law firm serving as defense counsel. Our complaint also documents
that the trial judge concealed his 13-year senior partnership in a
separate contemporaneous civil rights action against the same
defendants who were represented by the same law firm.

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