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2009-12-06 How to get a copy of your register of actions - the essential evidence of fraud in Los Angeles Superior Court litigation

Superior Court of California - County of Los AngelesSuperior Court of California, County of Los Angeles


1) Prepare a letter as follows in two copies:

TO: the Clerk John A Clarke, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles 
FROM: (your name)

Please accept this notice as request to access court records, to inspect and to copy, pursuant to my Due Process and First Amendment rights, as re-affirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States in Nixon v Warner Communications, Inc (1978).

This request pertains to the Register of Actions (NOT the online Case Summary) in  case caption (case number), in (name of courthouse)

(your name)

2) Go in person to the Office of the Clerk in the courthouse where the case was heard.
3) Present the two copies to a person, who MUST HOLD THE TITLE OF "DEPUTY CLERK" (no other person is under oath relative to court records).
4) Ask to have your copy stamped "RECEIVED".
5) Practice a bit of civil insistence - make it clear that you know that the Case Summary is NOT the Register of Actions, and that it is your basic Civil Right to have a copy of the court records in your case, and that the Deputy Clerk is in violation of his/her Oath of Office if he/she deny you access to the records.
6) It may also be helpful to bring a copy of the standard Disclaimer, published online, which shows that the Case Summary is not a court record at all:
7) In case they still refuse to provide a copy of the Register of Actions, I would ask for a short declaration, documenting the interaction:

DECLARATION OF (your name)
1) I went on to the courthouse.
2) I delivered a copy of the letter (Exhibit 1) to Deputy Clerk (his/her name) .  
3) The Deputy Clerk refused to provide the records. 
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 11:52:31 -0800
From: joseph zernik
Subject: How to obtain your register of actions (California docket) from LA Superior Court, or document denial of access.
Date: Sun, 06 Dec 2009 11:05:57 -0800
To: Laura Lynn
From: joseph zernik
Subject: Re: Your records
Hi Laura:
Thanks for the expedient response. As you could tell by now, I am details oriented... with particular focus on computer systems. I had contacts with a number of individuals, who had cases at the LA Superior Court. However, it could get entirely unproductive, unless we either have:
a) Register of Actions
b) Documentation of denial of access to Register of Actions
Register of Actions
Absent one of the two, the cases are of little interest for me.
You could be of great help if you posted on your web site the instructions regarding the way to ask for register of actions and/or document denial of access, whichever may be the case, and suggest that those who went through that step contact me. I would not be able to provide others with the type of preliminary work I provided to you. It would be too time consuming. I could and I would provide analysis to those who provide the register of actions or documentation of denial of access.
I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again for your quick response,
Joe Zernik
How you get your Register of Actions from Los Angeles Superior Court, or document denial of access
Most important relative to the LA Superior Court:
You probably never saw and never knew of the existence of a record called "
Register of Actions" (please correct me if I am wrong). If that was the case, I would be grateful if you could confirm it in a statement by email.
  • If indeed you have never seen your Register of Actions, I request that you please go to the court where the case was last heard, and request in writing from the clerk, a copy of that critical record.
  • Please include in your request "pursuant to U.S. Supreme Court decision in Nixon v Warner Communications, Inc (1978)".
Tricky Dick
  • Please have a copy of your written request stamped "Received" for your records.
  • The clerk may charge you $0.50 per page, but it would be the most worthy investment relative to both your LA superior Court and your U.S. District Court cases.
  • It is the only true valid court record of your litigation. All online records are not true court records at all. Therefore, it is the only record that provides the true evidence of the fraud in the conduct of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Therefore, they routinely deny access- the old Flimflam...
Old Flimflam
  • I would be extremely interested to know if you were allowed to obtain that record.
  • If not, I would be interested in a statement of what happened.
  • If you do get access to the record, I would be grateful if you could email me a scan.
  • You may find there lots of surprises, but you may not be able to fully comprehend it without help.
Register of Actions, Los Angeles Superior Court
Face Page with evidence of fraud by Jacqueline Connor
and Bank of America Corporation (Countrywide)

1) Prof Posner
2) Various Law School faculty
3) USDOJ-IG Glenn A Fine, as an addendum to complaint against senior officers of the USDOJ, who provided alleged fraudulent responses to U.S. Congress in Aug/Sept 2008, and refused to provide equal protection for 10 millions LA county residents.
"This case should demonstrate that the FBI will pursue all allegations of judicial corruption vigorously, as public corruption violations are among the most serious of all criminal conduct and can tear at the fabric of a democratic society," said John F. Pikus, special agent in charge of the Albany division, in a prepared statement.=

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