Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All Pacer Records in Pending Habeas Corpus Petition of Jailed Los Angeles Attorney Richard I Fine Now Available Online - Free of Charge, Easy...

To All People of Good Will:

RE: All papers from Pacer docket of Fine v Sheriff Dept of LA County (2:09-cv-01914) - U.S. District Court LA, now available online -free of charge, easy, at http://inproperinla.com/

URLs for docket reports and for all file documents from PACER are provided below.

A. Papers now posted from Fine v Sheriff Dept of LA County (2:09-cv-01914) - U.S. District Court LA  include -

- Fine's habeas corpus petition, filed March 19 (or was is March 20?), 2009, still pending
- Fine's ex parte application for an order to release pending hearing on petition,
- Sheriff Baca motion to dismiss petition
- Response by Judge Yaffe and LA Sup Ct to Fine's petition
- Intervention by Del Rey developer
- Court orders, as well as
- Clerk's notices of discrepancies and notices of errors...

B. Underlying case comes from LA Superior Court, involved allegations of widespread corruption related to taking of payments by ALL judges of LA Superior Court. which were ruled "not permitted"-

Att Richard I Fine represented Marina Del Rey Home Owners' Association (HOA) v County of Los Angeles. 
Subject matter was opposition of the HOA to development by Del-Rey developer, which had been permitted by County of LA.

Issues that came to bear upon underlying matter:
1) Payments of $45,000 per judge, per year, to ALL LA Superior Court judges by LA County, which were ruled in October 2008 as "not permitted" and would be called by a lay-person "bribes".
2) Campaign contributions by Del Rey developer.

Therefore, the focus of that litigation at LA Superior Court, Judge David Yaffe presiding, became multiple filings by Att Richard I Fine for disqualification for a cause of Judge David Yaffe, and refusal of Judge Yaffe to disqualify.

In proceedings of March 4, 2009, Judge D Yaffe ordered the indefinite jailing of Att Richard I Fine on contempt.

C. Comments in re: Alleged Dishonest Manipulations/ Adulteration in Docket and Records of U.S. District Court, LA

1. The team handling Fine v Sheriff Dept of LA County at U.S. District Court, LA includes:
a. Magistrate Carla Woehrle
b. Chambers Clerk Donna Thomas
c. Clerk's Office Pro Se Clerk Chris Sawyer

2. It is exactly the same team that handled Zernik v Connor et al, another case where corruption of LA Superior Court judges was alleged, and where plaintiff Zernik alleges dishonest manipulations/ adulterations of U.S. District Court, LA, records by the team noted in 1, above:

a) Complaints with FBI for dishonest manipulations and/or aduleterations of court records in Pacer,
        Complaint filed with FBI is available on Zernik v Connor et al (2:2008cv1550)
b) Petition in U.S. Court, Washington DC to compel FBI to investigate, and
        Petition filed under Zernik v Melson et al  (1:2009cv00805) 
c) Ex Parte application for an order to guarantee Att Richard I Fine pen & paper.
        Ex parte application filed under Zernik v Melson et al  (1:2009cv00805) 

3. In the Docket of Fine v Sheriff Dept of LA County one should note the following dishonest manipulations/ adulterations, as alleged in petition filed in U.S. Dist Ct, Washington DC

a)    Doc #1: The "Filed" stamp was altered, and
        Doc #3: "notice of clerical error" was filed stating that the date of filing was not March 19, 2009 (as was presumably the stamp prior to alteration), but instead March 20, 2009 (as seen after hand-alteration of the stamp).
b)    Doc #4 :  What appears as recusal of Judge Pregerson and reassignment to Judge Wu is listed as "notice of clerical error".
c)    Doc #8: The recusal of Judge Wu and reassignment to Judge Walter was filed and entered on April 10, 2009, and
        Doc #9: The Att Richard I Fine ex parte application for an order to be released on bail pending hearing on habeas corpus petition, was filed on April 9, 2009 and entered on April 13. 2009, resulting in non sequential order of records on the docket.

D. All Papers are Posted at http://inproperinla.com/