Friday, December 25, 2009

09-12-24 Soliciting proclamation by medical professionals - rebuking fake hospitalization of anti-juidicial corruption activists.

Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 00:07:33 -0800
To: "medical professionals"
From: joseph zernik

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Dear Medical Professionals:

Once the justice system collapsed, and given that legal professionals are mute and dumb, professionals in health-care, engineering, computing, etc, are likely to provide some level of last resort sanity. I also still hope to hear the voices of some religious leaders.

Again, I am seeking medical groups, or even an ad-hoc, large list of medical professionals who would be willing to make a short public written statement: Rebuking fake holding of people in hospitals, particularly in psychiatric wards, and rebuking any health-care professionals who lend their hand to the practice  - as a way to cover up fake imprisonment of people who loudly complained of widespread corruption of judges.

  • No reference to any individuals or cases is needed or desired.
  • The shorter the statement - the better it would be.
  • One sentence could be enough - think sound-bites, and 8th graders as your target audience.
  • It could be as simple as an email "pyramid scheme", where at the end, an organizer would email back the agreed upon statement to all those that provided email consent for the inclusion of their names (verified by email address and residence zip code, which would be concealed on the final email out).
  • It could be addressed to the people of the United States at large, or just be a holiday proclamation, to nobody in particular.
  • I would take personal responsibility to forward a copy to Sheriff Lee Baca, and to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
The fake hospitalization of Richard Fine must stop. The Sheriff will not put Richard Fine in a cell - since Richard Fine was never booked, and is "off the inmate count" and "off the record". Therefore, it is hospital or home. 
I say - home is where Richard Fine should go for the holidays!

Happy Holidays,
Joseph Zernik
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Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2009 23:26:07 -0800
To: K
From: joseph zernik
Subject: Why Alex Kozinski must resign...

Hi K -
Thanks, man, for keeping me up with reality, by pointing out to me the December 20, 2009 video
[1] where Ms Leslie Dutton and Attorney Richard Fine denounced the conduct of the US Court of Appeals, 9tch Circuit.  I was preaching to both of them that the 9th Circuit was part of the problem for months. Likewise,  I have been calling for a while for the immediate resignation of Alex Kozinski. 
I am glad to see that Ms Dutton and Mr Fine finally saw the light...  There is no way to understate the commitment of both of them to exposing judicial corruption. However, the arguments which were raised by Ms Dutton and Mr Fine, as usual, were losing propositions - bias, incorrect decisions, conflicts of interest, disqualifications, etc. These words are so big, I can't even spell them without a spell checker...
My arguments tried to stay at the level that any 8th graders should be able to grasp - issuance of fake orders by Kozinski and his pals, in fake court actions, including the fake actions to cause fake imprisonment of Richard Fine.  I don't even get into discussing the matters in the fake orders, or fake court actions. They were fake, that's enough. A judge must not preside in fake court actions, must not issue fake orders, let alone serve them on parties.
In other words - when I say "fake on its face" I mean fake at the level that did not require understanding of the legal matters involved in the cases themselves. I am no lawyer, and I never pretended to analyze the legal matters themselves.  I focus only on the fake conduct of judges, lawyer, clerks.
I hope I am clear on the point. Let me know.  Please continue to check up on me, I definitely need the help.
Joe Zernik
I. Linked Records

II. At 22:03 24/12/2009, K wrote:
I noticed in your last message, you left out this important tidbit.


III. The Usual

"This case should demonstrate that the FBI will pursue all allegations of judicial corruption vigorously, as public corruption violations are among the most serious of all criminal conduct and can tear at the fabric of a democratic society," said John F. Pikus, special agent in charge of the Albany division, in a prepared statement.  

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