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13-05-26 More on Void Judgments

Additional Tidbits

While all the Civil Division judgment were deliberately voided in LA Superior Court in the mid 1980's, one notable exception remained, sort of: Marriages and Divorces, Adoptions, etc.  In these areas the court continues to maintain a Judgment Book on microfilm, albeit, the microfilm Judgments Book in LA is NOT the one authorized by the Local Rules of Court.
In addition, in the Family Division, the Clerk of the Court is still required to serve on the parties a record titled "Notice of Entry of Judgment".  That critical part of California Due Process is prescribed by law, but the California Courts of Appeal over the years found the "Notice of Entry of Judgment" to be unnecessary...
In Short:
I give Ronald George et al high marks on family values, by deciding at the time of their great 1984 social experiment in California to spare us a few generations of polygamists and bastards...

The Big Picture

Ronald George (California), Alex Kozinski (9th Circuit), Aharon Barak (Israel) - what is common to the three?  
These are three most senior judges in their respective jurisdictions, who oversaw unprecedented corruption of the courts under their terms.

Do they share any other ideological bends, except for highest level corruption?

Ronald George - got his claim to fame as tough on crime, staunch advocate of the death penalty.
Alex Kozinski - Reagan appointee, who is advertised as a brilliant judicial mind and First Amendment champion.
Aharon Barak - built himself the persona of a mini-Moses, by authoring academic articles in which he claimed that he was leading a "Constitutional Revolution" in Israel, where there is no constitution...  He was also famous/infamous for saying "everything is adjudicable" - the practice of that theory meant micromanagement of the executive by the Israeli Supreme Court.  Internationally he was noted for a ruling that banned torture by the security forces in Israel.

What does it really mean:
The main contribution of these three great justices is in unprecedented deprivation of the rights of the respective people.  The "Bench Persona" that each of them chose for PR purposes is irrelevant.  

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