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13-09-17 Governor of Bank of Israel, Stanley Fischer, acted as a foreign agent on behalf of the U.S. security services and the banking cartel

The U.S. law FATCA , part of a U.S. electronic spying operation was implemented in Israel by Stanley Fischer and Bank Hapoalim - contrary to the laws of the State of Israel.

Page 1 and Page 2: Letter from the office of Stanley Fischer, regarding his refusal to enforce the laws of the State of Israel on Bank Hapoalim , and in practice - providing his patronage for the subjection of Israeli banking to the NSA.The letter concludes : "With all our understanding of the inconvenience and trouble caused to customers due to FATCA, unfortunately, we can not help beyond providing clarifications. "
Most Israelis certainly have not even heard about FATCA - a relatively new Act of the United States Congress, which has neither been promulgated nor been enforced by the United States government so far.  The Act requires U.S. citizens abroad to sign a "Waiver of Privacy" activities to the benefit of the U.S. government.
FATCA it is part of the global mechanisms for illegal electronic spying on U.S. citizens, led by NSA [3]
On January 1, 2013 , after I refused to sign a "Waiver of Privacy" of this type, Bank Hapoalim, BM, froze all my bank accounts and left me penniless .

However, there were a couple of legal problems with that conduct:
1 ) Then and now, FATCA was not and is not enforceable in the United States, since no Regulations have been promulgated so far (and the prospects of promulgation appear steadily shrinking);
2 ) Then and now, FATCA was not and is not a law of the State of Israel, and is not enforceable in the State of Israel, absent any US-Israeli international agreement in this matter.
3 ) All actions against me were perpetrated without any legal procedure . Bank Hapoalim refused even to issue a paperwork on the matter. They just told me over the phone that I no longer have access to my accounts, and refused to my requet, appearing in the bank, to withdraw my money in cash.

Regardless, then Govenor of the State of Israel Stanley Fischer permitted and provided his patronage to such conduct by Israeli banks, in deference to a non-existing US law for the abuse of the rights of people in the State of Israel, in violation of the law of the State of Israel.

Fischer also violated Israeli law by refusing to duly register and review my Consumer's Complaint in this matter, which I filed against the Israeli Bank HaPoalim, BM. [2]

And the Supreme Court refused to duly register my Conditional Decree Petition in the Israeli Supreme Court in this matter against Stanley Fischer,  asking that he explain, why he would not enforce the law of the State of Israel in Israeli Banking Regulation. [1]

Finally I got my money back only after I asked the sponsor Consul of Germany in Israel !

The case is important because it records :
First . the Governor of the Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer acted as a foreign agent - for the benefit of the security apparatus of the U.S. government and the interests of the international banking cartel .
Second, Stanley Fischer worked to put the banks in Israel above the law of the State of Israel.Third. Israel is today administered as a corporatist province of the Unted States;
Fourth, the role reversal between Germany and the US, where now Germany is a center of Liberty, and the US is a center of Oppression.

It should be noted that the nominated new Governor of the State of Israel is again a non-resident, and member of the same clique.

The practice of appointing non-residents as Governor of the Bank of Israel is unacceptable!

== Links ==
[1] 13-03-04 Press Release: FATCA, Stanley Fischer, and altered records of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel
[2] 13-01-27 Response by Governor of Bank of Israel Stanley Fischer, in re: unlawful seizing of bank accoutns by Bank HaPoalim, BM
[3] Financial Data Provided to ' Intel ' Agencies Considered ' Not Inherently Confidential " under U.S. Law FATCA : A Tool of the Electronic Surveillance State

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