Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2013-04-30 PALESTINE: IDF soldiers protest campaign goes viral

"No longer willing to serve as chess tools".
Soldiers are engaged in oppression of the Palestinians, where they face the daily routine of abuse and violence by Palestinian youth, but when they use excessive force, or in the video clip that started the campaign - cock their weapons - they are severely punished.
The Facebook campaign "I am with David Hanahlawi" went viral in Israeli terms, with some 80,000 "Likes" in 24 hours;  soldiers posting support photos; demonstrations...
The original video was released by the Palestinian non-violent organization - "Youth against Settlements" -  in Hebron.
Israeli media say: IDF high commanders were"shocked" by the campaign, are "out of touch".
החייל דורך את נשקו
The original video:

Support pictures, uploaded by IDF soldiers:
חיילים הביעו תמיכה בלוחם הנח"ל
מתוך דף הפייסבוק

[1] Facebook page: גם אני עם דוד הנחלאווי
[2] 2014-04-30 Top IDF commanders shocked by soldiers protest, "out of touch"

הלם בצמרת צה"ל ממחאת הלוחמים: "המפקדים מנותקים"

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