Thursday, June 18, 2015

2015-06-16 Down and out in London and Portsmouth, Part I
So I came to the UK to present a lecture in the European conference on E-government. My presentation with its controversial title, "Fraudulent new IT systems of the Israeli courts - unannounced regime change?" passed peer-review +++.
In London, I couchsurf with a young Indian guy. I was concerned I was going to corrupt him. But as it turned out, he read enough about me to figure it all out. Surely, there are some communications problems... Most events I tell him about, took place before he was born... He has never even heard about Tupac Shakur...
However, when i told him that my mission for the day is to try to exercise the common law right to access court records to inspect and to copy, he recommended right away going to Old Bailey, and asking for the records of C v Dobson and Norris, originating in the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence.
So here I am at the entrance. The official name is "Central Criminal Court". Strangely, it does not operate under the crown of UK, but under the Corporation of the City of London. In US terms - the central NYC criminal court operating under the Banksters Association of America.
Parts II, III will follow (hint- armed security arrived... I can't figure out why they appear wherever I go...)

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