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2015-09-14 Champagne in Kafr Duma! Cheers!

PALESTINE: Champagne in Kafr Duma! Cheers!

2015-09-10 PALESTINE: Champagne in Kafr Duma! Cheers!
Is the Shin Bet working to stop Jewish terror, or is the Shin Bet the operator of Jewish terror, both in Israel and in Palestine?


The suspected murderers, all smiles..
As if it weren't clear from day one... With saturation levels human and
signal intelligence in Israel and Palestine, probably unparalleled in
any other nation, it was clear all along that the Shin-Bet knew, who
perpetrated the arson murders of the Palestinian family home in Kafr Duma.
There is even a good chance that the Shin-Bet knew about it in advance...

A similar picture emerged following the assassination of PM Rabin by a
member of a Jewish underground. The leader of the extreme, violent
underground group, code name "Champagne", turned out to be an on the
payroll, undercover Shin-Bet agent...
Typical of certain regimes, the situation becomes vague and ambiguous:
* Is the Shin-Bet operating to stop Jewish terror, or is the Shin-Bet operating the Jewish terror???
Similar question can of course be asked about FBI and Moslem terror in the US...
Similar question can of course be asked about FBI and Moslem terror in the US...

Ya’alon: We know who perpetrated the Duma attackIsraeli
authorities don’t want to expose intelligence sources who helped
identify those behind a terrorist attack that left 3 dead

2015-09-11 UPDATE: Settlers "played" the Shin Bet
As suspected in the post above, today, renowned, and mostly reliable
and informed blogger Richard Silverstein provides the current state of
affairs: A Shin Bet agent was probably involved in the conspiracy, and
was on location at the time of the
arson murders, but was not the one who threw the fire bombs...
Therefore, no indictment, pretending that there is no definitive
evidence, etc. etc...
"Last week, Sara Yael Hirschhorn, writing
in the NY Times, named three suspects under arrest: Meir Ettinger,
Mordechai Meyer, and Ephraim Khantsis. In her interesting article, she
notes that two of them were born and raised in the U.S. The third,
Ettinger, is the grandson of Meir Kahane, the most ‘illustrious’
terrorist produced by American Jewry.
Haaretz confirms there are three suspects under administrative
detention. It includes Ettinger and Meyer among them and adds the name
Eviatar Slonim. Khantsis was arrested after threatening a Shabak agent
at one of the judicial hearings in the case. He’s not seen as a
co-conspirator in the actual crime, as far as I know."

Israeli Security Source: Settler Murderer of Dawabsheh Family Played

The entire story sounds more and more like a repeat of the PM Rabin
assassination... The Shin-Bet in that dubious position of effective
sponsor/patron of terror...

2015-09-12 UPDATE: Minister of Defense Yaalon corrects himself
Following international criticism of his comments last Friday, that the identity of the murderers was known, but they were not prosecuted to avoid "exposing sources", Yaalon corrected himself:
Now there isn't enough evidence to identify the murderers...

2015-09-13 UPDATE: Shin Bet Head Yoram Cohen must be sacked...
Only problem is, according to international sources (in Israel none of Shin Bet involvement in the Kafr Duma murders was published by media), Yoram Cohen's replacement is likely to be Ronny AlSheikh "The Fox", described as a "messianic settler"...

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