Thursday, September 17, 2015

2015-09-17 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation

2015-09-17 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation
The entire story, with it absurd guise of legal actions, courts, the whole decorum... claims of new "intelligence" reflects reality in Palestine and Israel today. jz
Allan, a lawyer and member of Islamic Jihad, was detained last November and held without trial. He launched his hunger strike to protest his incarceration. Under an agreement reached with him, Allan's detention order was suspended in return for his agreement to stop his hunger strike, which twice left him in a coma.
His administrative detention was temporarily lifted and Israeli prosecutors told the court they would release him if he were found to have irreversible brain damage, but the ruling left open the question of what would happen if or when his health improves.
His court approved detention order expires on November 4.
Israel uses administrative detention to hold Palestinians deemed to be security risks, while not divulging what the authorities view as sensitive intelligence.
Following his re-arrest former Allan has reportedly renewed his hunger strike - Israel, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, hunger strike, Mohammed Allaan

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