Thursday, September 24, 2015

2015-09-24 US under the Greater Depresssion

2015-09-24 US under the Greater Depresssion
More and more analysts speak out, saying what was clear for a long time:
The US economy is in DEPRESSION, has not recovered from the 2008 crisis, and the Fed has no tools left in the box... Hence 0% is here to stay...
Here: Peter Schiff calling the Fed's bluff already on Sept 8 - no rate hike in sight...
Peter Schiff: "The Fed Won't Raise Rates, It's Part of the Bluff"
In recent days (see link in comment) he went further to predict, like other analysts, a correction on the US stock market, and even a US currency crisis...
"Eventually the foreign exchange markets are going to get wise to this con. They’re going to figure this game out, and they’re going to realize that the Fed is never going to deliver on this promise [of a rate hike], that rates aren’t going to go up, that the balance sheet is never going to shrink, that it’s going to grow in perpetuity. And then there is going to be a currency crisis…"
Long Fed foe Peter Schiff took a victory lap days after Fed chair Janet Yellen announced she would leave interest rates unchanged.

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