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2015-12-25 ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm // פרשת זדורוב - הרשת גועשת

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Dear Friends:
Best wishes for 2016! I write to ask your signature on a petition, calling upon Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to commute the sentence of non-Jewish, non-Israeli citizen Roman Zadorov, who is serving a life term in prison for the gruesome murder of a 13 yo girl, which he had nothing to do with.
Roman Zadorov is serving a life sentence for the gruesome 2006 murder of 13.5 Tair Rada, which he had nothing to do with.  The case exposed vast corruption of the Israeli justice system.
My article, below, provides the first comprehensive review of the case in English (or in Hebrew for that matter).  The article cites the opinions of several leading Israeli law professors, particularly Mota Kremintzer, Boaz Sangero, Yoav Dotan, as well as acclaimed pro bono defense attorney Avigdor Feldman, who courageously stood up to the corrupt justice system. Leading forensic medical experts Dr Maya Forman and Dr Chen Kugel also objected to this travesty, and the former suffered retaliation by senior officers of the Ministry of Justice as a result... Attempt to tamper with the testimony of the latter resulted in a scathing report by Ombudswoman of the Prosecution Judge Gerstel, a criminal complaint against senior Ministry of Justice officers by the Israeli Governability and Democracy Movement, and calls for the resignation of Chief State Prosecutor Shay Nitzan...
If necessary, I can provide additional media reports in English and Hebrew, supporting the innocence of Zadorov.  There are of course numerous media reports about this affair and its ramifications (easily accessible by googling "רומן זדורוב", or "Roman Zadorov"). I also inspected the court records in this case. My filings, related to the inspections,  provide direct evidence of the lack of integrity of the courts in this case as well. These filings are all bi-lingual, English-Hebrew, and I can also provide you copies of those.
The Zadorov Affair: False murder conviction of a Ukrainian exposed massive corruption of the Israeli justice system
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin: Free Roman Zadorov - use your authority for pardon or clemency!
In a dramatic hearing this past Wednesday, the Israeli Supreme Court denied (2:1) Zadorov's appeal.  However, Attorney Feldman intends to ask for a new hearing by a wider panel.  The decision in this matter, which was almost 300 page (roughly 10 times longer than the average in murder conviction appeal cases), resulted in a paradoxical effect: Overnight, public support for Zadorov in Israel almost doubled!  Online support groups for Zadorov now count over 100,000 members! Nothing like this has ever happened in Israel before...
The case of Roman Zadorov is comparable to the case of the Jewish Mendel Beillis in the Ukraine 100 years ago...  The international community voiced its protest then, and should be likewise heard now!
All the best, and hoping for a better world in 2016,
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
Occupy Tel-Aviv

ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm
Following the delusional "Judgment" by the Israeli Supreme Court on Wed (most likely unsigned, like all Supreme Court justice panel in this case), which denied Zadorov's appeal, the number of supporters in social media networks doubled and tripled.  In one group alone, "All the truth about Tair Rada's murder", the number of supporters grew from about 30,000 to 111,027.
Members are openly talking about total corruption of the justice system. For example, information below was uploaded, from years ago, which points clearly to investigation directions, which the Israel Police, the State Prosecution and the courts deliberately ignored.
Please sign and share the petition, calling upon Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to commute the sentence of Roman Zadorov and affect his immediate release.  The petition is written in English, Hebrew and Russian.  Please distribute abroad, since intentional support is key for success here.
Commuting the sentence was also the intermediate solution in the Amos Baranes affair.  It did not require admission of the crime.  Later, it took years before Baranes was fully exonerated and compensated for years of false arrest...
Last night, notable US Rabbi Michael Lerner joined the petition!


Israeli President Reuven Rivlin: Free Roman Zadorov - use your authority for pardon or clemency

Below are additional materials, pointing to students in Tair Rada's school as the most likely suspects in the murder, and deliberate disregard of the Israel Police, the State Prosecution and the courts of such evidence.

Social network post providing parts of testimony by a school girl in the Nazareth District Court

Rada murder: A girl testified in court that she knew, who the murderers were, but the Court ignored her testimony
Whoever reads Professor Sangero's criticism of the Court, would realize that the Court had a clear agenda regarding the identity of the murderer, and ignored any facts, recording, or documents, which showed the exact opposite.

Following is the testimony document (links is provided in the post)

A girl testified in court that she knew, who the murderers were, but the Court ignored her testimony
The girl testified in police investigation that she knew the identity of the murderers. 
Following is the relevant part of her Israel Police investigation statement:
Q: "Have you heard or do you know anything else regarding what happened to Tair?"
A: I have a friend from a higher class, meaning 10th grade or higher, whose name I wouldn't like to provide, and she told me on Thurdsday, a day after the murder, that she...

Social network post providing a news report from Walla, on December 11, 2006 (5 days after the murder), which was later removed from the network

Walla News, December 11, 2006; 00:06

Five days have passed since the body of Tair Rada was found in the bathroom of her school, with serious violence signs on it. At the same time that the Israel Police is conducting its investigation, and two detentions of suspects, the internet forum of the Nofey Golan school students provides additional information on the case.  If the Israel Police ever bother to read the forum, perhaps its investigation direction would change, and instead of searching for the suspect in the vast space of the Golan Heights and the Galilee, they would focus inside the walls of the school.
Dozens of notices were posted in the forum in recent days, following the murder. Many of the writers say that they study in the school and that they have information regarding the identity of the murderers and the circumstances that led to the murder.
One of the boys, who took the identity "I KNOW" wrote: "The popular boys wanted sex, and ended up with knives." Another girls student, who took the identity "Aliya Tuweibi",  writes about a suspect in the murder of Tair Rada, and threats of an additional murder. She writes that she is a good friend of Tair, "I cried days and nights after the murder of my good friend by an 11th grade boy.  I know, because I witnessed the murder.  He threatened that if I say a word he would murder me too, like Tair".

Additional post

Losha Koli

9 hrs

Following the filing of the Supreme Court petition in early March 2011, Attorneys Vered Cohen and Raanan Bar-On filed with the Supreme Court in the names of investigators Doron Belinger and Haim Sadovsky a request to add evidence to the petition.
It turned out the following the filing of the petition, hundreds of responses were received, and also plenty of information regarding apparent involvement of youths in the murder of Tair Rada.
The attorneys explain that after the filing of the petition, they managed to locate the taxi driver, who picked up from Katzarin (the murder location), immediately after the time of Tair's murder, three boys, who also the Israel Police suspected were tied to the murder.
In the course of a conversation with the taxi driver, which first took place on Feb 28, 2011, it turned out for the first time that the Israel Police avoided investigating thee boys, who were suspected by the Israel Police as involved in the murder, in spite of clear testimony provided by the taxi driver.
According to Attorneys Bar-On and Cohen, "although it tuned out hat the three boys, who police "located" were not (!!!) the boys whom the taxi driver picked up, the Israeli Police ignore this investigation direction, and avoided looking for the "true" three boys - the ones that the taxi driver picked up".
The claim by police, as if the taxi driver identified the boy, who he had picked up in  a line up, was refuted by the two attorneys, who stated that it was factually false.  They stated, "no only did the taxi driver NOT identify the ("wrong") boys, who police "caught", the taxi driver also insisted on informing police time after time, unequivocally, that they were not the boys, whom he picked up."
The attorneys provided a series of evidence that they had previously presented, regarding the duty to investigate again the affair, but the Israel Police refused to do so.  Among the evidence: "blood stains in the location where the three boys were picked up by the taxi driver, a blood stained shirt in the location where the taxi driver let off the disturbed boy, who held his head in his two hands and cried "What have I done? what have I done?", and the two other boys shutting him up: "Everything is behind us, shut up!", the taxi driver provided detailed evidence of all such events, and testified, "I felt that something was not right".  The taxi driver adamantly claimed that the three boys, who the Israel Police "found" were not the ones, whom he had driven, and of course it was found that they had nothing to do with the murder.  The taxi driver claimed that although he informed the Israel Police again and again that the boys, who were present in the line-up were NOT the ones, who he had driven, the Israel Police ignored his testimony ("I felt that the matter was decided in advance").

אנא חתמו והפיצו!  עצומה לנשיא המדינה לקצוב את עונשו של זדורוב ולהביא לשחרורו המידי!  זה היה גם הפתרון בפרשת עמוס ברנס.  קציבת העונש אינה מחייבת הודאה.  ולקח שנים אח"כ עד שברנס זוכה וקיבל פיצויים.  
אמש הצטרף הרב מיכאל לרנר - מהרבנים הבולטים בארה"ב לעצומה!
   Please sign and share:
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin: Free Roman Zadorov - use your authority for pardon or clemency

2015-12-25 פרשת זדורוב: הרשת גועשת
"פסק הדין" ההזוי של בית המשפט העליון בתיק זדורוב ביום ד' (שקרוב לוודאי לא היה חתום כלל), היה כנראה אחד הדברים הטובים שקרו למערכת המשפט בשנים האחרונות... ערער לחלוטין את אמון הציבור בבית המשפט העליון!
בקבוצת "כל האמת על רצח תאיר זאדה" מספר החברים עלה מ- 30,000 ל- Members 111,027 (וזאת רק אחת הקבוצות העוסקות בפרשה...)
אנשים מדברים בגלוי שכל המערכת מושחתת מהיסוד. העלו למשל את התמונות הבאות, של מידע שהוסר מהרשת במשך השנים...
אנא חתמו והפיצו את העצומה הקוראת לנשיא המדינה לקצוב את עונשו של זדורוב ולהביא לשחרורו המיידי. העצומה באנגלית, עברית ורוסית.  אנא הפיצו גם בחו"ל.
זה היה גם פתרון הביניים בפרשת עמוס ברנס. קציבת העונש אינה מחייבת הודאה.  אח"כ לקח שנים עד לזיכויו הסופי של ברנס ותשלום הפיצויים על מאסר שווא...
אמש הצטרף הרב מיכאל לרנר, אחד הרבנים הבולטים בארה"ב לעצומה! 
Israeli President Reuven Rivlin: Free Roman Zadorov - use your authority for pardon or clemency

2015-12-25 זדורוב: הרשת גועשת

Losha Koli
9 hrs
לאחר הגשת העתירה בראשית חודש מרץ 2011 הגישו עו"ד ורד כהן ורענן בר–און לבג"צ, בשמם של המהנדס דורון בלדינגר וד"ר חיים סדובסקי, בקשה לצירוף ממצא נוסף לעתירה. מסתבר כי לאחר הגשת העתירה לבג"צ התקבלו מאות תגובות וכן מידע רב לענין מעורבותם הלכאורית של בני נוער ברציחתה של הילדה.
עורכי הדין מסבירים כי לאחר הגשת העתירה עלה בידם לאתר את נהג המונית שאסף במוניתו, מקצרין, מיד לאחר זמן ביצוע רצח הילדה, שלושה נערים אשר אף משטרת ישראל עצמה חשדה כי קשורים לרצח.
במהלך השיחה שהתקיימה לראשונה עם נהג המונית ביום 28/2/2011 הסתבר לראשונה כי המשטרה נמנעה מלחקור שלושה נערים שנחשדו על ידה כמעורבים ברצח על אף עדות מפורשת שמסר הנהג.
לטענת עורכי הדין בר-און וכהן "למרות שהסתבר כי שלושת הנערים אותם "איתרה" המשטרה אינם (!!!) שלושת הנערים שהסיע נהג המונית זנחה המשטרה כיוון חקירה זה , ונמנעה מלתור אחר שלושת הנערים ה"אמיתיים" – הם הנערים שהסיע נהג המונית".
את טענת המשטרה כאילו זיהה נהג המונית את בני הנוער אותם הסיע במסדר זיהוי שללו שני עורכי הדין וקבעו כי טענה זו אינה נכונה עובדתית. לדבריהם "לא זו בלבד שנהג המונית לא זיהה את הנערים (ה"לא נכונים") אותם "תפסה" המשטרה, אלא אף נהג המונית התעקש להודיע , פעם אחר פעם, כי חד משמעית - אין הם הנערים אותם הסיע".
עורכי הדין מציגים שורת ראיות שהעלו כבר בעבר את החובה לחקור שנית את הפרשה, אך המשטרה סירבה לעשות כן. בין הנתונים: "כתמי דם במקום בו עלו שלושת הנערים למונית, ולצה מוכתמת בדם במקום בו הוריד נהג המונית את הנער הנסער, נער האוחז ראשו בשתי ידיו ומקונן " מה עשיתי ? מה עשיתי ", שני נערים המהסים אותו : "הכל מאחורינו, שתוק!", נהג מונית המוסר עדות מפורטת על כל אלה ומעיד "הרגשתי שמשהו לא בסדר ", נהג מונית שטוען בתוקף כי שלושת הנערים אותם
" מצאה" המשטרה אינם הנערים שהסיע, וכמובן נמצא כי הללו כלל אינם קשורים לרצח), נהג מונית שטוען כי למרות שחזר והודיע למשטרה כי הנערים שהעמידה מולו לזיהוי – אינם הנערים שהסיע, התעלמה המשטרה מדבריו ("הרגשתי שהפור נפל ").

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