Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016-01-09 ISRAEL: Tel-Aviv shooter executed, rumors continue

2016-01-09 ISRAEL: Tel-Aviv shooter executed, rumors continue
The case, which was presented by Israeli media as a "terror attack" is likely to be a more complicated story of the relationship between a Arab family of Shin-Bet collaborators and their Shin-Bet handlers. Shin Bet agent was apparently the target of the original Tel-Aviv Shooting.
"“Nash’aat’s father, Muhammad, was/is a Shabak collaborator, and that’s why he got a licence for a gun – a very rare thing for an Arab citizen. One of his handlers was “Shin” (‘ש), a close friend of Shimon Ruimi. Muhammad is now being interrogated by Shabak, suspected of involvement in an apparent plot (possibly ISIS-inspired) to assassinate “Shin” who was in the TA pub with several friends, celebrating the birthday of one of them. Nash’aat used his father’s gun to fire at the pub trying to hit “Shin”, but missed and killed his friend (Ruimi) and another man (who worked in the pub). No other details are available, and it’s still unclear why he later murdered the Arab taxi driver.”"
NOTE: Please read my new Mint Press article revealing Shin Bet's abject failure to stop Duma murders, State…

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