Monday, February 22, 2016

2016-02-20 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation...

2016-02-20 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation...
[via Israeli alternative news outlet Local Call]
In Hebron today, 12 Israeli activists were detained in a demonstration commemorating the 1994 Goldstein massacre. The demonstration was non-violent, but IDF used blast grenades against the demonstrators.
The 1994 massacre is key event in the history of Hebron. It led to "Temporary" international intervention force, continuing to this date... and also led to Israeli collective punitive measures against the victims, which basically killed the old business center of Hebron.
MORE ON THE 1994 massacre:
הצבא ירה רימוני הלם על הפגנה לא אלימה שקראה לפתוח את גטו חברון ונגד הפרדה.…

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