Friday, April 1, 2016

2016-03-31 US: Plebs get excited by the election...

2016-03-31 US: Plebs get excited by the election...
But Hillary has sold out to the banksters a long time ago...
Pepe Escobar
20 hrs
It’s coming. Pretty soon.
After nearly one year, the FBI has finally investigated the whole loot inside The Hillarator’s private email server.
The FBI has refused to release any records. Remember, this is a criminal investigation.
The FBI team, led by Director James Comey, together with Justice Department prosecutors, is now examining the evidence.
There will be interviews ahead. In a matter of days. And one of them will feature Comey talking to The Hillarator in person.
After the interviews, Comey will make his recommendation to Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
Exoneration or indictment?
Well, at least The Hillarator has the benefit of evidence being duly examined. In Wild West Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff risks being impeached without ANY evidence being examined that would qualify as a “crime of responsibility”.
Life is indeed a very sorry affair. The Hillarator did some funny stuff with her secret emails and may get away with it. Dilma, instead, may get the boot after being a target of NSA espionage.

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