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2016-11-13 Corrupt LA Jewish community, Podesta, Wikileaks, Trump, and me…

Corrupt LA Jewish community, Podesta, Wikileaks, Trump, and me…
Now, I can rest assured that the role of the corrupt Jewish community in turning LA already in the early 2000s into the “epicenter of real estate and mortgage fraud”, is recorded for history…


Figure: Bet Tzedek, the “Los Angeles House of Justice”, headed by some of the notable Jewish banksters and fraudsters – David Pasternak, Sandor Samuels, Terry Friedman - serving as the headquarters of the LA Jewish banking-legal mafia.

OccupyTLV, Nov 13 – it has been almost exactly a decade, since I decided to record for history the corruption in the LA Jewish community and its role in the financial crisis. I had plenty of materials. The problem was how to ensure that the recirds would survive long-term, remain accessible, and reach historians, who would study our time…
In the past, I published some media articles, I submitted reports to the UN, I created cartoons on Youtube:

Streamlining Mortgage and Foreclosure Fraud, or How Sandor Samuels became Mr Jewish Justice ...

How Countrywide's Sandy Samuels became 'Mr Jewish Justice'... (ADL-kosher) Once upon a time there ...

But now came and unexpected windfall: The Wikileaks Podesta email archive included some 20 of my reports on government corruption… As Hillel the elder said: Seek and ye shall find - יגעת ומצאת – תאמין !

Trump, Podesta, Wikileaks and me -- an existential crisis – OpEdNews

A series of my short reports on government, banking, court corruption in the US and Israel found their way into Podesta's email, from there to Wikileaks, and even to the Trump campaign... Great! But what next?
Among the Wikileaks titles:

... and the original request. Joseph Zernik, PhD Human Rights Alert ... financial crisis, by Joseph Zernik ... Rights-Alert-Alejan-by-Joseph--Chemerinsky_Fraud_FraudZernik
The Podesta Emails

(image by Wikileaks)   License   DMCA
From:joseph.zernik@ To: ... "HOUSE OF JUSTICE" _By Joseph Zernik[1] (about the author) [1]_ Permalink [2] ( ... to-address-evi-by-Joseph-Zerni-Abe-Foxman_Civil-Rights_ ... to-address-evi-by-Joseph-Zerni-Abe-Foxman_Civil-Rights_ ...
The Podesta Emails

(image by Wikileaks)   License   DMCA
And sure enough, at least one title was adopted by President Elect Trump in his election campaign:
Dec 06, 11:16 Save the date: Bet Tzedek honors Eric Holder - banksters and fraudsters united! From: Email address To: Email address
Mission accomplished! L'chaim!

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