Saturday, January 14, 2017

2017-01-14 Sat Night party at the Attorney General's: Detained, declined a "deal", released...

2017-01-14 Sat Night party at the Attorney General's: Detained, declined a "deal", released...
* BACKGROUND: Detained for singing in the street (no megaphone, no sound system, no drum, singing only), also a bit of dancing, at 8:00pm, alone, not part of any group, across from the home of corrupt Attorney General Mandelblit.
* COSTUME: Please note the blinking flags on my head! A true patriot!
* OFFICIAL CAUSE FOR DETENTION: Interference with policeman performing his duty - for refusing to stop singing when told to do so.
* LEGAL COUNSEL: Many thanks to Attorney Haklay (through Menny Naftali)
* THE DEAL: Police tried to offer me again and again a "Deal" - I would be released from detention, if I consent to a 2-week restraining order. Various levels officers to tried to convince me that it was a great deal. I told them they were wasting their time. Alternatively - they threatened to hold me till the morning, bring me before a judge to issue the restraining order.
* CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: Poor Menny Naftali, and before him Dudu Palmeri - had to listen to all my corruption stories... Strangely, to policemen were interested in my police, prosecutors, judges corruption stories. Usually the deal is gift exchange - I tell conspiracy theories in exchange for joints. Here - there was an exception. However, the police should not consider this a precedent!
RELEASE: At 1:00am with no conditions, after they gave up on me... :)
DOCUMENTATION: Many thanks to Kfir Monsonego


Kfir Monsonego with Joseph Zernik.
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מנדלבליט - 14.1.2017 - עצור מספר 2 - ד"ר יוסף צרניק.
הפשע: שר ברחוב.
זרניק נעצר (מעוכב לחקירה) על כך ששר ברחוב. ממש בתחילת ההפגנה.
תכל'ס השוטרים אהבו את השירה שלו כ"כ ורצו שישיר להם בניידת כי היה להם משעמם.

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Joseph Zernik
Years ago in LA, I had the chance to meet Rosa Parks. Her provocation appears simple - sitting in the front of the bus.  But it was of course a well-planned provocation...

Joseph Zernik
My approach to the issue is a bit different.  There should be a component of happiness in the act - song and dance are best.... In short - Raving Disobedience!


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