Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015-08-31 US: Robbing the people through never ending wars...

2015-08-31 US: Robbing the people through never ending wars...
Coleen Rowley writes:
Rarely do obits furnish such acts of integrity! "In 1981, the diplomat George F. Kennan wrote in his foreword to the seventh edition, “These volumes paint, as does scarcely any other publication of these dimensions, the irrefutable statistical picture of the way in which our civilization is hurrying, in its anxious preoccupation with armed conflict, towards its own destruction.”
Seeking what she described as “an objective basis for assessing relative priorities,” Ms. Sivard warned in 1978: “The arms race clashes with world development needs, stimulates price inflation, contributes to unemployment and poverty. It amplifies problems that all nations have in common, while weakening the cooperative effort necessary to deal with them. The accumulation of destructive force in the name of national defense has itself become the major threat to international stability and human security.”
Ms. Sivard drew attention to the disparity between social and military spending for more than three decades.|By SAM ROBERTS

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