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2015-12-09 Bilal Erdogan and ISIS oil...

2015-12-09 Bilal Erdogan and ISIS oil...
Bilal Erdogan, a.k.a. Erdogan Mini Me, talked to the Corriere della Sera in Bologna.
Obviously he denied everything: he’s just an innocent student doing his PhD in international relations, not a fugitive laundering billions of dollars in Swiss bank accounts.
And he does not do ISIS/ISIL/Daesh oil. The oil goes to… ASSAD!
Assad is “trying to make money with ISIS oil because he has no other sources of income.” So now we know.
Key talking points. BMZ is a “construction company”. They build offices in Istanbul. They also have a contract to build ships for a businessman in Russia. They don’t do business in the Med, Syria or Iraq.
His brother Burak, he does own a cargo ship, “but it can’t be used to transport oil.”
Mini Me was very precise talking about the Russian map detailing Daesh’s oil movements; “Seems like Syrian Kurds arrange for the oil to arrive at the Tupras refinery, owned by the Koc family. The Koc family says they only buy oil from documented sources. Ask them…it’s not a government refinery.”
He insists Turkey is doing its best to seal the border. And he defends Dad’s “safe zone” – euphemism for a no-fly zone, which would be good for security and to welcome refugees.
And then, this pearl: “If Turkey was helping ISIS, don’t you think NATO would know it?” Looks like he's not learning much about "international relations."
Mini Me insists the family has no Swiss bank accounts. For his studies at the Bologna branch of Johns Hopkins, he and his sister received “scholarships” from Turkish businessmen.
His own sources of income: the BMZ company – of which he’s a shareholder alongside two uncles – and five restaurants in Istanbul.
He only goes out accompanied by two security details – Italian and Turkish.
And he complained he had to find a lawyer because someone in Florence has accused him of money laundering (as we reported here.)
Such a nice fellow. Next step should be Switzerland. Follow the money.
Accusato dal Cremlino di esportare il greggio dell’Isis, il secondogenito che studia a Bologna dice: «Facciamo navi-cisterne, ma non le gestiamo noi»

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