Saturday, September 15, 2018

2018-09-16 Cyber and Law in Israel - to be presented in Germany, Spain

Cyber and Law in Israel - to be presented in Germany, Spain
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I received today the formal invitation to participate in an international legal conference in Göttingen University Law School - the Göttingen Int. Research Forum.  In this conference I will present my work, pertaining to computerization of the Israeli courts and cyber in Israel across government agencies.
The bottom line conclusions: 
  • Fraud that amounts to unannounced regime change, and
  • In our era - IT and cyber experts should assume a key role in the safeguard of human rights, civil society, and democratic institutions.
Previous reports on the same subjects were incorporated into UN HRC Periodic Reports on Israel (2013, 2018), and were published, subject to anonymous international peer review in various international academic conferences.  Such works also gained praise by Israeli experts.
The Göttingen  conference will be held not long after the European Conference on Digital Government, in Spain this year, where I was also invited to present my work.

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