Friday, October 19, 2018

2018-10-19 Israelis are stunned by gov totalitarian surveillance capabilities

Israelis are stunned by gov totalitarian surveillance capabilities
In recent days, several coincidental stories express surprise at gov and security apparatus totalitarian surveillance capabilities and social media manipulations.  One must wonder, where all these pundits have been in recent years...

Haaretz investigation based on 100 sources in 15 countries reveals: Israel is a top exporter of spy tools that help dictators track dissidents and gay people

Revealed: Israel's Cyber-spy Industry Helps World Dictators Hunt Dissidents and Gays

Haaretz investigation spanning 100 sources in 15 countries reveals Israel has become a leading exporter of tools for spying on civilians. Dictators around the world – even in countries with no formal ties to Israel – use them eavesdrop on human rights activists, monitor emails, hack into apps and record conversations

Revealed: Israeli Military Monitors Social Media, Blogs and Forums in Search of 'Security Leaks'

A document obtained by Haaretz includes a list of some 100 websites, ranging from soccer blogs to the website of Rabbis for Human Rights

Israeli Military Worked to Create System to Track Social Media Users' Private Correspondence

Document shows invited bids for a system to monitor Hebrew, Arabic and English posts – but says the plan, whose surveillance targets were not specified, never came to fruition
The personal details of West Bank Palestinian men that the army recently began collecting is intended for an anti-terror database. Career and reserve officers said the hope is that the information, from...

Israel Buys Social Media Monitoring System That Can 'Plant Ideas' in Online Discourse

Software manual suggests that main use of the system isn’t to monitor individuals but to learn about trends and public sentiment; the real question is what the government will do with it.
The Israeli government has purchased a software system enabling it to monitor social media in general and specific users in particular. The bid, which was won by a company called Buzzilla, specifies that the...

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