Saturday, February 27, 2016

2015-02-27 US in SYRIA and the lying media...

2015-02-27 US in SYRIA and the lying media...
Particularly on foreign and security affairs, US mainstream media tend to parrot the official line... For that reason, the following two pieces in the Boston Globe are glaring recent exceptions...
However, they were published only after the total failure of the US-manufactured Syrian "civil war" operation, and not before some 400,000 deaths, millions of refugees, and massive destruction of the socio-economic infrastructure in Syria has resulted. In short - the typical US induced havoc and chaos.
a. Boston Globe: On Syria: Thank you Russia!…/UNKMxrzQvvAt8j4sJH…/story.html
b. The media are misleading the public on Syria…/8YB75otYirPzUCnlwa…/story.html
Coleen Rowley
The US would be more secure if it had followed Russia’s foreign policy lead in the past.

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