Tuesday, June 21, 2016

2016-06-21 US DHS colludes in suppressing anti-court corruption dissent in Israel

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US DHS assists in suppression of anti-corruption dissent in Israel

Israeli judges retaliate against anti court corruption activists by unlawful, fraudulent use of their authority. US DHS/ICE colludes with them, and Google is a major partner. Spying, unreasonable detentions, unlawful search and seizure of computers, and draconian fake judgments - retaliation produces some of the bestevidence of judicial corruptionConditions in the US are similar.
OccupyTLV, June 17 - DHS/ICE refuses to respond on inquiry regarding an unusual "Information Preservation" instruction, issued to WordPress and targeting Israeli anti court corruption activist Lory Shem Tov and others. Lory is best known for her blogs and direct action, protesting corruption of the family courts in general. Particularly, protest is against the practices of welfare agencies and the courts in taking children from their biological parents and giving them to surrogates or adoption. Shem Tov and other social protest activists have often been targeted for retaliation by Israeli police and judges through unreasonable detentions, unlawful search and seizure procedures, and fraudulent court processes.
Unusual DHS actions

Figure 1: Information Preservation letter, issued by DHS to WordPress, pertaining to blogs, mostly by Israeli anti-corruption activist Lory Shem Tov.
The January 15, 2016 "Information Preservation" instruction was issued to WordPress/Automatic, Inc by J. Robert Klotz, Special Agent, Homeland Security Investigations, Cyber Crimes Center (C3). It requires that WordPress preserve "any and all information associated accounts" (32 blogs were listed), including "all subscriber information, account contents (images, emails, chat logs, account setting, and contacts, etc" (Figure 1). The instruction was addressed to Automattic Inc General Counsel Paul Sieminski, a well-known internet Free Speech advocate. Attorney Sieminski did not respond on request for comments either.

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