Sunday, June 26, 2016

Secret committee to stifle free speech of israelis?

Secret committee to stifle free speech of israelis? It was known to a handful, me included. Now it is no longer a secret as the Judicial Reputation Committee decide to employ FEDERAL AGENTS to close down 'disrespect' f the state of Israel. Lory Shemtov is current main target, it could be anyone. How naive are the people of Israel sometimes. Exposing pain and suffering is now a felony?? Hutzpah indeed.
Marianne Azizi writes: Freedom of speech is the new war in Israel. Lory Shem Tov, a prolific journalist and blogger, has written tirelessly about the human rights abuses of…
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Joseph Zernik
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Marianne Azizi Amira Admon feel free to translate in your beautiful hebrew. this is very important for israelis to know.
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Joseph Zernik In a related story: wave of protest over sealing all records on stealing kids of middle eastern jews in the 1950's-1960's. The State decided to seal all the records until 2070 - when all are dead and buried... Then is was done secretly - telling parents that the kids died when they went to the hospital. Today it is done under the seal of the court...
Marianne Azizi Secrets secrets and lies
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Joseph Zernik
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Hanita-carolin Hendelman Thanks for the post, dear Marianne Azizi. Are you coming soon?
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Marianne Azizi To nahariyya? I'm already here 3 months. 😊
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מייק גולן Are they going to ban the First Amendment as Hillary suggested a while back?

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