Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016-12-14 OccupyTLV - winter offensive by TLV muni

2016-12-14 OccupyTLV - winter offensive by TLV muni
As in previous years, TLV Muni initiated a new winter offensive...
Yesterday, in the midst of a rainstorm, TLV muni and Israel police arrived at the camp with a bulldozer to start demolishing tents. Some media were on location. TLV Muni placed notices on some of the tests, demanding that they be removed within 4 hours or face demolition.
In contrast, news report, which reads like a release be TLV Muni spokesperson says that "it is not eviction, but ongoing joint agreement that received the force of a court decision.... the temporary permit for tents in the park will end on May 31."
More on the situation later.
דייר במקום: "כבר הרבה זמן מדברים על הפינוי שלנו אבל לא חשבנו שזה יגיע בסוף"; עיריית ת"א: "לא מדובר בפינוי, אלא בהסדר מוסכם שקיבל תוקף של החלטת בימ"ש"

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