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12-10-13 Dispatch from Jerusalem: SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL - a stinker!

When a criminal element is desirable in the arena - one must make
:נאמר בהברה אשכנזית, בסגנון ידישאי-משנאי, בביצוע כורדי
"כשצריך פלילי בשטח - מתחשבים"

SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL - a stinker

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Jerusalem, October 13 - as part of routine note-taking, it is noted today:

LYDIA (stolen purse):   TODAY, LYDIA says that since the event,
SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL has been avoiding her.  
In constast, prior to the event, LYDIA and SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL were spending
time together for several days.
LYDIA wants to talk with you in person, when you come in (she says you are coming in this evening).is suspicous, if not convinced that SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL is the one, who
stole her purse.

PHILIPP (unwarranted search and seizure by Israel Police):  August 2012,
in that case:
- ISRAEL POLICE two armed officers stopped a guest on the street and
searched him, with no warrant, telling him that they were informed that a
day or two earlier he had smoked a joint on private property - an entirely
improbable cause for a search warrant in Jerusalem.
- ISRAEL POLICE found nothing on the guest. Regardless, two armed police
came to the Hostel, still holding the guest with no warrant, and tried to
search the Hostel, also with no warrant.
PHILIPP was convinced that the informer in this case was SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL.
PHILIPP and other guests were seriously alarmed by the conduct of ISRAEL
POLICE in this case.

JOSEPH ZERNIK:I have previously filed complaints with ISRAEL POLICE
against SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL, including, but not limited to:
* Organizing illegal drug deals on the roof of the Hostel and elsewhere,
which I witnessed in person.
* Main suspect in attempt to harm ISRAEL POLICE officers on duty on the
eve of Independence Day 2012, in Zion Square - potentially, a major
provocation, perpetrated from the Hostel grounds.
* Petty thefts, threats, and harassment, which I experienced in person.
ISRAEL POLICE "sealed" the complaint (that means, they did NOT dismiss it,
they are prevented from talking about it, even with the Complainant).
However, in the process, it was clarified that the highest levels of
Israel Police are familiar with SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL's presence in the Hostel.

Shopowners around the square are familiar with SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL, in part,
since SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL was going around for a while, asking for painting
jobs, during the period that he purported to be a painter, and he hangs
around with them in his spare time.

SHOPOWNER1: This shop owner is of Kurdish descent, but we often sum things
up in pseudo-Yiddish, pseudo Talmudic style.
This shopowner summs up the SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL situation as follows:
Kshetza'rich plili' bashe'tach - mitha'shvim!
[When a criminal element is desirable in the arena - one must make
considerations - jz).

SHOPOWNER2-4: These shop owners refer to  SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL as "DALLAS", in
part for the reason of his ambiguous identity and personal history, and in
part for his fabulous, telenovella style stories about his personal

* People have been permanently removed from the Hostel for much smaller
* SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL, particularly with ASAF in reception, routinely violate
estabilshed security rules of the Hostel.
* SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL should be considered a major security risk in the Hostel.
* The presence of SHMUEL/HAIM/YOEL in the Hostel is not good for business,
but may be imposed on the Hostel as part of "considerations".
Joseph Zernik, PhD
Human Rights Alert (NGO)
sent from "1984", Iceland-based Internet Service Provider.

[1] The Clean Dealer/Informer/provocator, the Dirty Hippie, and the Israel Police in Jerusalem
[2] 12-08-31 Shmuel/Haim/Yoel - שמואל/ חיים/יואל - now popular also in Japan!

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