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2015-12-25 ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm // פרשת זדורוב - הרשת גועשת

2015-12-25 ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm // פרשת זדורוב - הרשת גועשת
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Dear Friends:
Best wishes for 2016! I write to ask your signature on a petition, calling upon Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to commute the sentence of non-Jewish, non-Israeli citizen Roman Zadorov, who is serving a life term in prison for the gruesome murder of a 13 yo girl, which he had nothing to do with.
Roman Zadorov is serving a life sentence for the gruesome 2006 murder of 13.5 Tair Rada, which he had nothing to do with. The case exposed vast corruption of the Israeli justice system.
My article, below, provides the first comprehensive review of the case in English (or in Hebrew for that matter). The article cites the opinions of several leading Israeli law professors, particularly Mota Kremintzer, Boaz Sangero, Yoav Dotan, as well as acclaimed pro bono defense attorney Avigdor Feldman, who courageously stood up to the corrupt justice system. Leading forensic medical experts Dr Maya Forman and Dr Chen Kugel also objected to this travesty, and the former suffered retaliation by senior officers of the Ministry of Justice as a result... Attempt to tamper with the testimony of the latter resulted in a scathing report by Ombudswoman of the Prosecution Judge Gerstel, a criminal complaint against senior Ministry of Justice officers by the Israeli Governability and Democracy Movement, and calls for the resignation of Chief State Prosecutor Shay Nitzan...
If necessary, I can provide additional media reports in English and Hebrew, supporting the innocence of Zadorov. There are of course numerous media reports about this affair and its ramifications (easily accessible by googling "רומן זדורוב", or "Roman Zadorov"). I also inspected the court records in this case. My filings, related to the inspections, provide direct evidence of the lack of integrity of the courts in this case as well. These filings are all bi-lingual, English-Hebrew, and I can also provide you copies of those.
The Zadorov Affair: False murder conviction of a Ukrainian exposed massive corruption of the Israeli justice system
Roman Zadorov has been imprisoned for almost 10 years, part of life sentence for gruesome murder 13 yo girl, which he had nothing to do with. Israeli law professor…

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