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2015-12-25 ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm // פרשת זדורוב - הרשת גועשת

2015-12-25 ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm // פרשת זדורוב - הרשת גועשת
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Losha Koli
9 hrs
Following the filing of the Supreme Court petition in early March 2011, Attorneys Vered Cohen and Raanan Bar-On filed with the Supreme Court in the names of investigators Doron Belinger and Haim Sadovsky a request to add evidence to the petition.
It turned out the following the filing of the petition, hundreds of responses were received, and also plenty of information regarding apparent involvement of youths in the murder of Tair Rada.
The attorneys explain that after the filing of the petition, they managed to locate the taxi driver, who picked up from Katzarin (the murder location), immediately after the time of Tair's murder, three boys, who also the Israel Police suspected were tied to the murder.
In the course of a conversation with the taxi driver, which first took place on Feb 28, 2011, it turned out for the first time that the Israel Police avoided investigating thee boys, who were suspected by the Israel Police as involved in the murder, in spite of clear testimony provided by the taxi driver.
According to Attorneys Bar-On and Cohen, "although it tuned out hat the three boys, who police "located" were not (!!!) the boys whom the taxi driver picked up, the Israeli Police ignore this investigation direction, and avoided looking for the "true" three boys - the ones that the taxi driver picked up".
The claim by police, as if the taxi driver identified the boy, who he had picked up in a line up, was refuted by the two attorneys, who stated that it was factually false. They stated, "no only did the taxi driver NOT identify the ("wrong") boys, who police "caught", the taxi driver also insisted on informing police time after time, unequivocally, that they were not the boys, whom he picked up."
The attorneys provided a series of evidence that they had previously presented, regarding the duty to investigate again the affair, but the Israel Police refused to do so. Among the evidence: "blood stains in the location where the three boys were picked up by the taxi driver, a blood stained shirt in the location where the taxi driver let off the disturbed boy, who held his head in his two hands and cried "What have I done? what have I done?", and the two other boys shutting him up: "Everything is behind us, shut up!", the taxi driver provided detailed evidence of all such events, and testified, "I felt that something was not right". The taxi driver adamantly claimed that the three boys, who the Israel Police "found" were not the ones, whom he had driven, and of course it was found that they had nothing to do with the murder. The taxi driver claimed that although he informed the Israel Police again and again that the boys, who were present in the line-up were NOT the ones, who he had driven, the Israel Police ignored his testimony ("I felt that the matter was decided in advance").
Russian below.עברית להלןEnglish:Roman Zadorov has been imprisoned for almost 10 years, as part of a life sentence for a murder he had nothing to do with!Israeli law…

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