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2015-12-25 ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm // פרשת זדורוב - הרשת גועשת

2015-12-25 ZADOROV Affair: Social network storm // פרשת זדורוב - הרשת גועשת
Social network post providing a news report from Walla, on December 11, 2006 (5 days after the murder), which was later removed from the network
Walla News, December 11, 2006; 00:06
Five days have passed since the body of Tair Rada was found in the bathroom of her school, with serious violence signs on it. At the same time that the Israel Police is conducting its investigation, and two detentions of suspects, the internet forum of the Nofey Golan school students provides additional information on the case. If the Israel Police ever bother to read the forum, perhaps its investigation direction would change, and instead of searching for the suspect in the vast space of the Golan Heights and the Galilee, they would focus inside the walls of the school.
Dozens of notices were posted in the forum in recent days, following the murder. Many of the writers say that they study in the school and that they have information regarding the identity of the murderers and the circumstances that led to the murder.
One of the boys, who took the identity "I KNOW" wrote: "The popular boys wanted sex, and ended up with knives." Another girls student, who took the identity "Aliya Tuweibi", writes about a suspect in the murder of Tair Rada, and threats of an additional murder. She writes that she is a good friend of Tair, "I cried days and nights after the murder of my good friend by an 11th grade boy. I know, because I witnessed the murder. He threatened that if I say a word he would murder me too, like Tair".

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