Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016-03-07 TURKEY and EU...

2016-03-07 TURKEY and EU...
Pepe Escobar
14 hrs
The only thing Sultan Erdogan and his vizir Davutoglu want is EU money. Lotsamoney.
The EU had “offered” – or the Sultan had extorted – 3 billion euros last November. Now it has ballooned to 6 billion euros over 3 years.
Erdogan has been complaining out loud he still ain’t got the cash.
Sultan and vizir, on top of it, are demanding a visa-free EU for 75 million Turks by June 1st; most EU members are having dreadful nightmares about it. They also want a restart of Turkey’s EU accession talks (most EU members want zero Turkey accession.)
Davutoglu also wants every Syrian returned to Turkey from the Greek islands (whatever; they’ll keep trying over and over) to be matched by one Syrian resettled in Europe (yet almost no one wants to resettle them.)
Davutoglu also promised Ankara will tackle people smuggling. No they won’t; their priority is war on the Kurds.
Turkey has received almost 3 million refugees. Almost 363,000 Syrians claimed asylum in Europe in 2015. Up to 2,000 refugees arrive in scattered Greek islands every day. Mostly from Syria, but also from Iraq and Afghanistan. All of them Empire of Chaos wars.

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