Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016-03-13 New career - newspaper boy...

2016-03-13 New career - newspaper boy...
Issue #2 of the underground "Israelon" - 500 copies distributed by 8:00am...
גליון מס' 2 של "ישראלון" - 500 עותקים חולקו לפני 8:00 בבוקר, עף כמו לחמניות חמות... פותח קריירה חדשה...
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David Rojas Where can I get a copy?
LikeReply1March 13 at 7:29pm
Peter A. Giesbrecht Shalom Brother,..
David Rojas You know Joseph, why don't you send us Natenyahu and we will send you Jeb Bush, fare trade?
Peter A. Giesbrecht Putin calls european jews to Russia,...I say Go to Jerusalem .
Tslil Keren Cool! Good luck!
LikeReply1March 13 at 7:57pm
Tony Benjamin israel hayom???? its our emperor newspapper
LikeReply2March 13 at 9:49pm
Eden Bar-Lev But now there ia an alternative right next to it smile emoticon

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