Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016-03-22 BRAZIL: Strange getting stranger...

2016-03-22 BRAZIL: Strange getting stranger...
No matter what, they have the best music on the planet!
Pepe Escobar
2 hrs
New Argentina President Macri - who has become the Justin Bieber of Latin American right wingers - now seems to be veering off script.
He's defending... democracy and legality (!!!) in Brazil. Macri said Dilma's decision to nominate Lula as Chief of Staff is "valid", and he stressed that Lula empowers her administration.
Plunging the dagger still further, Susana Malcorra, Argentina's new Foreign Minister, laid down the law; if Dilma's impeachment is a go, Mercosur may SUSPEND Brazil.
Now tell that to the Brazilian Judiciary/business/media/old comprador elite complex.

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