Tuesday, March 22, 2016

2016-03-21 ISRAEL: Home entertainment

2016-03-21 ISRAEL: Home entertainment
Such gossip is of public interest, since it involves decision makers, who can and do harm public peace and welfare in major ways, and in this case, a meddling spouse, who is known to interfere in such decisions... The fact that the Netanyahu family is a cookoo's nest is not a secret for a long time. And yet, new leaks are more and more alarming... Sarah Netanyahu is know for her particularity regarding travel companions... For a recent inter-government conference in Berlin, Germany,(a legal marriage collapse prevention agreement gives her veto powers on all travel matters) she refused to have the Justice Minister (a beautiful female, to top it off) travel with her in the same aircraft...The Justice Minister had to take a separate flight, and all involved had to fabricate excuses... smile emoticon jz
Late at night on highway 1 (Tel-Aviv- Jerusalem), the heavy duty PM motorcade stops, four large dark cars and other security and protection vehicles. A not so young man, who is the cause of the entire affair, is kicked out to the highway with yells, since a certain woman refuses to allow him to stay with her in the same car. She mocks the entire security apparatus and the entire state... But the PM office is busy making loud noise in all directions to cover it up, so that we fail to notice the madness...
יגאל סרנה
כבדה, ארבעה רכבים שחורים ועוד ועוד מאבטחים ומגינים ורכבים ונפלט ממנה בחושך אל כביש 1, בצעקות, גבר לא צעיר שהוא עילת הכל, כי אשה אחת לא רוצה שהוא ישאר איתה באוטו ושמה ללעג את כל האבטחה ובעצם את כל המדינה, זה חלק מהחיים. תעשו כל רעש אפשרי שלא נשמע שהכל עולה באש השגעון. הכו בתופים.

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