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2017-12-16 [Video] Tel-Aviv protest, Deep State, and government corruption

[Video] Tel-Aviv protest, Deep State, and government corruption
Tens of thousands again packed Tel-Aviv center on Saturday night. Former National Security Advisor Arad related government corruption and the unlawful transformation of Deep State in recent years under Netanyahu.

Tel-Aviv, December 16 – tens of thousands again packed Tel-Aviv’s Rothschild’s Avenue on Saturday night. This is the third week of large anti-corruption demonstrations in Tel-Aviv, following a year of anti corruption demonstrations near the home of Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit in Petah-Tikvah. [i]
In contrast with demonstrations over the past couple of weeks, security was heavy. The center of Tel-Aviv was closed to traffic, and large police forces were deployed in peripheral security formation. Police snipers were visible on the rooftops surrounding HaBima National Theater square. Based on historic experience, the concern most likely was violence against the demonstrators, rather than violence by the demonstrators… Emil Grunzweig was murdered in a Jerusalem peace rally in 1983, [ii] PM Yithak Rabin was assassinated at the end of a Tel-Aviv peace rally in 1995, and 16 year old Shira Banki was murdered in a Jerusalem gay parade in 2015. [iii]
Prof Uzi Arad, Netanyahu’s National Security Adviser and head of the Israeli National Security Council between 2009 and 2011, was again one of the speakers. He had been one of the Netanyahu’s closest confidants, but turned into one of Netanyahu’s fiercest critics.
In the demonstration two weeks ago he stated that corruption was plaguing Netanyahu’s government, becoming the highest national security risk, surpassing Iran… Today, Arad elaborated that as National Security Advisor he struggled with Netanyahu, who opposed the initiative to establish the security apparatus by law. Instead, Arad stated that Netanyahu preferred to operate outside the law. He quoted a State Ombudsman report, issued later, which stated that in matters of national security decision-making, “Netanyahu operated in violation of the letter and the spirit of the law” (no published reference is available...). In fact, Arad was relating the transformation of Deep State under Netanyahu and the explosion of government corruption.
The conflicts in the Deep State apparatus continued, and further intensified in the years following Arad’s departure. This year, both Mossad and Shib-Bet chiefs (both Netanyahu’s appointees), as well as IDF Deputy Chief of Staff and Ministry of Defense CEO leaked to media a letter they jointly wrote to Netanyahu, opposing the establishing of the Cyber Authority, directly subservient to the Prime Minister, with no adequate legal foundation. They stated that it was harmful to national security.[iv] Security expert, former IDF Spokesman, Zionist Union MK Nachman Shai stated that it was "a serious mistake and an undemocratic act."
Establishment of the Cyber Authority and events surrounding it should be deemed central to the most recent Deep State transformation in Israel. [v]
Current corruption investigations involve Netanyahu’s candidate for National Security Advisor, Avriel Bar-Yosef,[vi] as well as military procurement, including the purchase of nuclear missile capable submarines from the German Thyssenkrupp corporation, [vii] and strategic, national security level issues related to gas field development, export, and security, involving US-based Noble Energy. [viii]
Military procurement corruption investigations have been under gag orders for months, as is the custom in Israel… [ix] It is doubted that the political system in general, and the justice system in particular, are capable of addressing corruption at such levels.

Former IDF general, former Deputy Mossad Chief Amiram Levin spoke in the Tel-Aviv demonstration two weeks ago, and two former Shin-Bet officers previously spoke in the Petah-Tikvah protest rallies… The Israeli protest movement is openly infiltrated by Deep State and the latter’s internal conflicts...
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