Saturday, February 20, 2016

2016-02-20 RT on US e-surveillance

2016-02-20 RT on US surveillance
RT has some of the best, most timely, to the point reports on this issue.
Where are the US media reports on Russian surveillance???
The iPhone of the San Bernarndino shooter that US officials are pressuring Apple to unlock had its password changed within 24 hours of the government custody,…
Heri Kurniawan Sitepu likes this.
Joseph Zernik The situation in Israel in this regard is even worse, as clearly exposed in the IDF 8200 veterans letter... Secret Police (Shin Bet) uses e-surveillance on innocent people to blackmail them into cooperation as informants... What the Stasi did low-tech... But in a nation which is "the only democracy in the middle east" it is not even a subject of discussion... Any mention of the subject in Israel is derided as "cyical political use of the subject", and "populism"...

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