Monday, March 7, 2016

tion in the recent meeting.
1) Fat front page headlines about a rift between Iran and Russia, and a freeze on S-300 missile sales to Iran. The sale was opposed all along by Netanyahu, but according to non-Israeli sources, Putin's response to Netanyahu's approaches on the subject was that the S-300 were "purely defensive".
2) Fat headlines question the Russian-brokered Syrian "ceasefire" (quotes in the original), claiming almost 700 killed over the past week alone. The source is notoriously unreliable, London-based "Syrian Human Rights Observatory" , previously exposed to be a one man operation, who had never set foot in Syria in 15 years, and whose sources and funding are dubious...
בסוריה מדווחים על 687 הרוגים במהלך השבוע הראשון בו נכנסה הפסקת האש לתוקפה. 135 מהם נהרגו באזורים שנכללים בהסכם הפסקת האש...

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