Monday, March 7, 2016

2016-02-07 ISRAEL: Lively culture scene
Culture is on the agenda... The right-wing government is applying censorship in various ways. Culture Minister Miri Regev and the art community engaged in mutual provocations, which generate a lively performance scene. In an major culture conference yesterday, Culture Minister Miri Regev appeared in front of a booing audience, and opened her speech by telling them "Cut the bullshit". She was Immediately followed by a performer, who literally shoved of the Israeli flag up the a@#, which led to his removal from the stage...
In the meanwhile: A female performance artist, who published a video, where she is crowned with decorative shit (because gov shits on us all the time) and shat on the flag (let's shit on them for a change), is criminally prosecuted...
Disclosure: "The Mill of Life" by Yitzhaq Shami (1888-1949), whose rights I own, and which I brought to press, won the 2015 Masterpiece Book prize by Miri Regev and a substantial award to the publisher.
חב דגל לישבן. מגעיל ודוחה
Yaron Kaiser Riki Raviv Rinatya Robinson Pini Fischler אלי אלון Nir GenussarSimha Nir Yael SadinaUzi Ben-ZviUzi Ran
ועידת העיתון לתרבות ממשיכה לייצר רעש: קריאות בוז החלו להישמע לעבר היוצר שהציג קטעים ממופעו "Love the Juice". הוא מצדו החל להשליך תפוזים על הקהל וסירב לרדת

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