Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016-05-07 Cold War 2.0 - the propaganda wars

2016-05-07 Cold War 2.0 - the propaganda wars
There is widespread agreement that Russia is winning the propaganda war in the West. Voice of America, BBC are voicing their apprehension of the growing impact of Russia Today, and their inability to offer adequate response...
Here: Review by Saker, a US based analyst, of the propaganda war inside Russia. The writer claims that also there, Russia is winning. Not because of love of Putin, but because the irrational Russophobic line of Western media lacks any credibility with the Russian audience. In contrast with the Ukraine, Russians have access to Western media. Moreover, Russian media routinely provide airtime to Western, Russian-speaking propagandist, including American journalists, Polish state officers, Ukrainian nationalists, Russian liberals - because their lack of credibility works to benefit Putin.
As extreme examples of counterproductive Western propaganda, the writer note:
1) The rabid, recent BBC “World War Three: Inside The War Room” -featuring Putin ordering the invasion of a Baltic state and a nuclear strike on a US aircraft carrier - which caused a Russian media frenzy.
2) The recent Foreign Affairs promo video on Russia - linked below.
Over the past decade and a half, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has been an economic dynamo and a basket case, an imperfect democracy and a tightening tyranny, a co...

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