Saturday, December 3, 2016

2016-12-04 "E-government in Israel: Transforming into the Post-truth Era"

"E-government in Israel: Transitioning into the Post-truth Era"

 Figures: Expecting a selfie with the generals... :)

OctcupyTLV, December 04 - abstract for a paper, title above, passed peer-review for the European Conference on E-government.
The paper reviews the fraud in e-government in various branches of Israeli government - the courts, Ministry of Justice, Knesset, Central Election Committee, and the role of the security apparatus, the legal and computer science professions in the emergence of the current circumstances. 
The paper concludes that e-government of the past decade in Israel amounts to unannounced regime change.
The conference next summer will be hosted by the Portuguese Military Academy, and I look forward to a selfie with the generals... For some reason, the pattern repeats itself in recent years - international agencies, and in particular security apparatuses of various nations find interest in my writing regarding e-government in the US and in Israel, while scholarly periodicals in the US and in Israel, and Israeli media practice total blackout of the subject...

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