Saturday, June 3, 2017

2017-06-03 מוצ"ש אצל היועמ"ש הזמנה לכתבים הזרים - INVITATION FOR FOREIGN PRESS

2017-06-03 מוצ"ש אצל היועמ"ש - הזמנה נשלחה לכתבים הזרים בישראל!
לנוכח הציפיה לאירוע גדול מהרגיל, ואיומים באלימות משטרתית.
קראו את הפוסט השלם:

TODAY June 3, , 19:00-22:00: Important anti government corruption protest in Petha-Tikvah, police violence threatened!

Protest will take place in Goren Square, Petah Tikvah. Map below.
The protests against Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit and cover-up of government corruption (particularly - failure to indict Netanyahu and his wife) have been conducted every Saturday night for about half a year.  Serious police violence was documented on a number of occasions.
This week, the protest is expected to be largest than ever, as it evolved into protest against repression of Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Protest.
Last Saturday night, police announced a ban on any type of protest in Petah Tikvah. Association for Civil Rights in Israel issued a protest letter, and the event took place (10-15 detained).
About 5 members of Knesset appeared last Saturday night in support of the right to protest and against police violence.
Earlier this week, the Knesset Legal Counsel issued an opinion that the event was an "illegal demonstration", and that Members of Knesset should not appear in the event. 
Later this week, Association for Civil Rights' Attorney Dan Yakir in Israel again issued a protest letter, challenging the Knesset Legal Counsel's opinion.
In response, Deputy Attorney General (Public-Constitutional) Raz Nizri later issued an opinion that the protest was permitted and legal.
The matter was also subject of petition to the Supreme Court, which in April ruled that protest on the street, across from the Attorney General's residence, was prohibited, but protest at a "different, but nearby" location (such as Goren Square) was permitted.
Regardless, media published earlier this week threats of "merciless" police violence tonight.
Netanyahu himself, issued this week a Twitter post, calling the protests "a putsch attempt" by "anarchists"...

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