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2017-06-07 Roman Zadorov affair: Olga, his wife, seeks support against prison authorities retribution

Roman Zadorov affair: Olga, his wife, seeks support against prison authorities retribution

The right for meeting in private once a month with his wife is denied, based on "Negative IA" [Negative Intelligence Assessment], but prison authorities refuse to disclose any details.

Tel-Aviv, July 05 - yesterday, Olga Grishaev, Roman Zadorov's wife, published the following Facebook post, pertaining to denial over the past two months of the right to meet in private in prison, for unknown reasons. [i]
Olga and Roman first met in the Ukraine, and were boyfriend and girlfriend in high school. Later, Olga's family immigrated to Israel. A few years later, Roman, who is Christian, decided to join her in Israel, and the the couple got married. A few months after the birth of their first son, in December 2006, Roman was arrested and later prosecuted for the murder of 13.5 yo school girl Tair Rada.
The case and its numerous ramifications exposed unprecedented corruption of the Israeli justice and law enforcement system. [ii]
Law professor Boaz Sangero wrote: "Conviction with no real evidence."
Law professor Mordechai Kremnitzer wrote: "Conduct of the State Prosecution in the Zadorov case is scary, it is not conduct of Prosecution, which is seeking the truth " Adding to that the Supreme Court' stance and the Attorney General's conduct in recent years, one is left with a justice system, which is primarily defending itself."
Never before had law professors in Israel directly attacked integrity of the courts in any manner even close to that.
Likewise, public protest is unprecedented -- against the false prosecution and false conviction of Roman Zadorov, on the one hand, and against the failure to conduct true investigation of Tair Rada's murder, on the other hand.
Even before Roman's trial started, Tair's mother petitioned to the Israeli Supreme Court, asking to re-open the investigation, which she considered bogus. The petition was denied.
Public perception is that conduct of law enforcement was initially motivated by desire to protect the true suspects in the case, and later -- to protect the justice system itself... Various support groups have been active in social networks for years, the largest of them alone numbers over 250,000 members, in a nation of 8 million!
The case of Roman Zadorov was one of the key cases, documentation of which was provided in a recent report for the Universal Periodic Review of Human Rights in Israel by the UN Human Rights Council, in support of allegations of incompetence and/or corruption of the courts and the legal profession and discrimination by law enforcement. [iii]
Olga Grishaev:
Over the past two months Roman and I have been denied the little time that we are entitled to meet in private.
Not only was Roman's liberty deprived for no reason at all for over ten years; not only is he denied the ability to function as a husband and a father, as he, I and our children deserve; now, also the little time that I was allowed to spend with him in priva te once a month is denied - not only him, but also me.
And why?
Roman says he has no clue. The Prison Service forwarded a letter to our attorney, which speaks of "Negative IA", with no details at all.
It turns out that the term ["Negative Intelligence Assessment" - jz] is used to describe negative conduct in prison. But why the secrecy? And why did they fail to detail, even to Roman's attorney, what was the negative conduct, for which they decided to punish not only Roman, but also me?
Perhaps they used such code term, because there was nothing to detail? Is it justified to deny a right, which is not only Roman's but also mine, for reasons that we do not know? Is the Prison Service permitted to trample on my husband's rights like that? Under the pretext of a code name "Negative IA"?
My feeling is that they are looking to frame him in prison, waiting for him to make some mistake"
And why is it so urgent for them to make such false claims now?
R oman cares about prisoners' rights, not only his. And he tries to work for such rights even from inside the prison. He appealed to the courts for various rights. Roman suspects that it may be one of the reasons for the denial of our right to meet in private -- to signal to him to stop filing such petitions.
Perhaps someone is also bothered by the fact that Roman managed to keep a clean disciplinary record with no violations at all for over ten years.
I truly hope that no judge would accept such pretext of "Negative IA", because you cannot keep silent, when the system abuses you without even telling you why.
I was conflicted on whether to publish this matter, since I am afraid that he would suffer further retribution. However, I hope that being open about it is the right way to go, and that the exposure would protect us better than keeping silent.
I feel that they are trying to attack Roman's weak point -- me and our relationship.
That is what they did from the start, and that is what they go on doing" they are trying to break his spirit.
Two girls [art students - jz] have recently created a large painting named "Martyr Roman Zadorov". The work is stunning, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lior Yefremov and Yuval Reshef for the painting. I attach my image from that painting.
Roman was depicted in the painting as a martyr, but he is no martyr, he is a human being. And as a human being, there is a limit to the afflictions he can bear, before he breaks down. He is tortured, perhaps not violently and physically, but such torture as the denial of rights can sometimes be as painful -- mental torture and the breaking of his spirit.
I was depicted in the painting as a nun. I am no nun, even if they impose on me celibacy.
I do pray that they give us back those few minutes a month, which are so important for us, and which give us the strength to survive under the harsh circumstances, which were imposed on us.
I do ask anybody who cares to share this message, so that people know that even prisoners have rights, and I too have rights. Even prisoner who perpetrated crimes have rights, nevertheless one who did nothing that justifies all of this.
i Israeli prison regulations permit monthly intimate meeting of prisoners with their spouse/partner, based on good conduct in prison.
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