Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016-01-23 US invades SYRIA - boots on the ground...

Thanks Joseph Zernik for posting all these developments.
US Troops Take Over Syria Airbase | Kurdish YPG gives US sole control over base
Bert Schlauch Enough war already
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Bruce Schmidt Another country not banked by the Rothschilds.
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David Smith Colbert we pay for this. we are slaves.
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Joseph Zernik Today it was published also in Haaretz daily (Hebrew edition only), but under the title: "US Special Forces are expanding air base in northern Syria". The report fails to note the fact that this is a new, unprecedented "boots on the ground" US presence in Syria.
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Cindy Berge Just drop a bomb, that will end it!
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Joe Jean Boots on the ground...
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Joseph Zernik So: The US and Russia are going to enter a direct confrontation (no proxies here... ) over Syria's air space? Any gueses among the experts here? A little tactical nuclear dropping? Timing relative to US elections (what really counts...)?
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Joe Jean Our money will collapse before the mideast is settled. Though no one will be surprised but the sheeple...
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