Monday, February 8, 2016

2016-02-09 ISRAEL: Leading criminal defense attorney tries to defend fraud in the courts // עו"ד פלדמן מתבלבל ומבלבל את הציבור לגבי ההונאה הבסיסית בפיתוחה והפעלתה של מערכת נט המשפט...

Ghosts, gremlins and soft-boiled eggs... It is difficult to understand how Attorney Feldman writes one thing and its opposite within less than three weeks in a matter that pertains to the fundamental integrity of the Israeli courts, and fraud by judges Yitzhak Cohen, Esther Hellman, Haim Galpaz and Avraham Avraham in the Roman Zadorov court file... Worse yet, what Attorney Feldman wrote today appears as misleading information relative to common practice in the Israeli courts today - the publication of invalid, misleading and fraudulent records by judges...  Such matters were fully clarified in the Judiciary Ombudsman's decision regarding Judge Varda AlSheikh's "Reconstructed Protocol" affair.  Therefore, it is hard to believe that Attorney Feldman writes today out of sheer ignorance.  The entire situation calls for reputable Israeli computer science experts to voice their opinions (outside Israel, the matter has been reviewed and published numerous times). Some Israeli CS experts have voiced their opinions in private, but so far only Prof Uzzi Ornan has voiced it publicly!
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  Figures: Protest sign in support of Roman Zadorov in the OccupyTLV camp.  Attorney Avigdor Feldman, former Zadorov Counsel during part of the 5 year Supreme Court appeal process, originating in non-existent "Verdict" and "Sentencing" records of the Nazareth District Court. 
Dear Attorney Feldman:
Thank you very much! It is an honor for me to have you directly address my work for the second time in less than 3 weeks.  There is no doubt that you help me more than anybody else in placing the fraud in development and operation of Net-HaMishpat, as well as the serious fraud by Nazareth District Court judges Yitzhak Cohen, Esther Hellman, Haim Galpaz, and Avraham Avraham in State of Israel v Roman Zadorov on the public agenda.
With it, it appears to me that you are confused and confusing...
Less than three weeks ago, you wrote clearly, short and to the point:
On 2016-01-21 10:32 am, Feldman wrote:
Yosef Shalom,
In my opinion you are doing a very important work. The court system is known for its insistence that papers filed in court must be authentic, not scanned, not soiled by carbon (during the carbon copy period). And you show that the court system itself was hijacked through an unsupervised electronic system, which enables the judges to do with the judgments as they wish, and raising serious doubts whether judges, who signed their agreement on judgment records indeed read them. Also your comments relative to Judge Yitzhak Cohen make me lose sleep at night, and I am checking them in depth.
Thank you for your persistent and thorough work.
Avigdor Feldman
 In contrast, today it was brought to my attention that you wrote the opposite on your Facebook wall (copied below), referring to robots, ghosts, gremlins, beetles, and soft-boiled eggs...  I am hard-pressed to believe that the two pieces were written by the same person...
Worse yet, what you wrote today appears as false and misleading information, which is aimed at protecting the fraud by Judges Yitzhak Cohen, Esther Hellman, Haim Galpaz, and Avraham Avraham in the Roman Zadorov court file in Nazareth, and similar frauds, which are perpetrated today on a routine basis in the Israeli courts (examples below).
Fabrication/perversion of court records for the obstruction of justice is a well-known criminality by judges worldwide for generations...
Such fraud is based on the publication of fabricated, perverted, unauthentic, invalid court records, which look like valid and effectual court records... These matters were fully exposed in the Ombudsman of the Judiciary decision in Judge Varda AlSheikh's “Reconstructed Protocol” affair. Therefore, it I am hard-pressed to believe that a person of your stature writes out of ignorance, and one must wonder what motivated you to write what you wrote today...
'My very important work', as you wrote less than 3 weeks ago, pertains not only to IT system of the Israeli government, but also to IT systems elsewhere (California courts, California prisons, federal US courts). Academic papers, which I authored on the subject, are cited in a textbook on "Machine Learning" (which I had no part in writing or editing) among "Notable Uses" of "Data Mining", in the following context:
Data mining of government records - particularly records of the justice system (i.e., courts, prisons) - enables the discovery of systemic human rights violations in connection to generation and publication of invalid or fraudulent legal records by various government agencies.
Information pertaining to the US federal courts, which I filed, was summarized in the UN Human Rights Council (Professional Report, 2015), as follows:
HRA NGO recommended restoring the integrity of the IT systems of the courts, under accountability to the Congress, with the goal of making such systems as transparent as possible to the public at large. 
Information pertaining to IT systems of the courts of the State of Israel, which I filed, was summarized in the UN Human Rights Council (Professional Staff Report, 2013), as follows:
Lack of integrity in the electronic records of the supreme court, the district courts and the detainees courts in Israel.
Likewise, my papers were reviewed, presented and published by international academic conferences, which specialize in electronic government in general, and IT systems of the courts in particular.  The latest conference of this type was the European Conference on e-Government (ECDG2015) in England. The title of my paper there, presented and published subject to expert peer review was:
Fraudulent New IT Systems of the Israeli Courts – Unannounced Regime Change?
Roman Zadorov affair: fabrication/perversion of court records, obstruction of justice by the Nazareth District Court judges, leading to false arrest of the innocent.

What you wrote today is particularly serious, relative to the false prosecution, false conviction and false imprisonment of Roman Zadorov by the justice and law enforcement system. As you are well-aware, right now, the issue in the Zadorov court file in the Nazareth District Court has nothing to do with the electronic records, but with the paper record.
Inspection of the electronic records has been concluded for the time being:
Following inspections, lasting about a year, no lawfully signed, authentic records of the September 14, 2010 “Verdict” or “Sentencing” in the matter of
State of Israel v Roman Zadorov (502-07) have been discovered... neither in the Nazareth District Court, nor in the Supreme Court (where the appeal court file was supposed to hold authenticated, certified copies of the judgments, in which the appeal originated...) Such records have never been entered in the “Judgment Docket” in Net-HaMishpat either. And the Nazareth District Court denies access to the electronic signature data of the records in this court file.

And yet, the evidence, which was discovered in the electronic records in the court file would be considered by any reasonable person serious serial fraud by judges of the Nazareth District court:
Figures: Two fabricated, perverted “Decision” records, dated December 27, 2015 and January 12, 2016, issued by Judge Esther Hellman, pertaining to requests to inspect the Zadorov court file. Such records are published on the letterhead of "The Courts", instead of the letterhead "Nazareth District Court", are clearly the products of scanning of paper records into the electronic case management system, and therefore the signatures on them are “graphic signatures” (“scanned signatures”) - lacking any validity and authority. The issuance of such court records was the core of the fraudulent conduct of Judge Varda AlSheikh in the “Reconstructed Protocol” scandal. Decision of the Ombudsman of the Judiciary regarding Judge Varda AlSheikh and the “Reconstructed Protocol” clarifies that decision record in Net-HaMishpat (case management system of the Israeli courts), which do not duly bear an electronic signature, are invalid court records, merely a “draft”. A “request to correct perverted court file” was filed with Judge Esther Hellman in the Zadorov court file, following her December 27, 2015 perverted “Decision” records. In response, she issued the fabricated, perverted January 12, 2016 “Decision” record, which claimed that she had “technical problems”, and claimed that fabricated, perverted, invalid court records were valid and effectual court records...