Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016-10-05 Fake criminal prosecution of Israeli Tax Authority whistle-blower nears its end...

Notice to the foreign press: Reading of "Verdict" in Tax Authority whistle-blower Rafi Rotem's criminal prosecution - Oct 06, 11:30am, Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court

On Thursday, October 06, 2016, 11:30am, in the Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court, Judge Daniel Beeri is scheduled to read the "Verdict" in the criminal prosecution against Tax Authority whistle-blower Rafi Rotem.  Most of the articles of the indictment are on "insulting public service personnel"...  Review of the public records in Net-HaMishpat - case management system of the court - shows that Judge Daniel Beeri of the Tel-Aviv Magistrate Court continues the conduct of sham litigation. The litigation is conducted in disregard of the fundamentals of Criminal Court Procedure and the rights for Due Process and for Fair Public Hearing... The Israel Police Prosecution (in Israel, police prosecutes), the National Public Defender's office, and Presiding Justice of the Supreme Court were all directly involved in this charade... 
In an interview with Haaretz, then former Attorney General Menachem Mazuz (today Supreme Court Justice) described the Tax Authority corruption scandal as the closest to organized crime in high offices and expressed his disappointment with the manner in which the scandal was handled by the courts... Maariv Columnist Kalman Liebskind wrote: "The courts have been abusing a justice crusader for over a decade"...
Judges are the crux of government corruption in Israel today. 
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