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2015-11-16 PARIS: The open questions...

2015-11-16 PARIS: The open questions...
"The heart of the matter is the drive-by team. Or “teams”. The investigation seems to be clueless about them. The killers at La Belle Équipe arrived on a black Mercedes, according to witnesses. There is no mention of this Mercedes anywhere. The killers were ultra-pro, muscular, methodical – and white.
These are the non-expendables. The high-priced mercenaries. While the whole media circus spreads from Grenoble and Toulouse to Brussels and even Raqqa, they have simply vanished without a trace. No one knows who they are. No one knows who hired them. Hardly social network jihadi al-Baljiki."
Up to the very gloomy day when the “soldiers of the Caliphate” hit “the capital of abomination and perversions” – as ISIS/ISIL/Daesh framed its attack on Paris – French President Francois Hollande …
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Joseph Zernik Sunday Mirror p p. 7.
Eyewitness Mahoud Admo reports from La Belle Equipe
Two attackers got out of a black Mercedes with M16 assault rifles: The driver was standing with a foot in the [car] door, his machine gun resting on the roof. "He was acting as a lookout. I could see his face as he was not wearing a mask... He was white and clean shaven. The other shooter was about 35 and very muscular".
#ISIS or #Gladio#ParisAttacks witness says black Merc pulled up & 'unmasked white shooter fired M16 assault rifle' http://www.mirror.co.uk/.../paris-attack-witness-says...
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Joseph Zernik DAILY MAIL:
A gunman dressed in black picked off terrified diners by firing 'professional bursts' of three or four shots as he went on the rampage through cafes and restaurants in Paris last night.

Dozens were killed when terrorists opened fire on restaurants, cafes and bars in some of the city's most popular night spots during the co-ordinated attacks on the French capital.

Customers were sprayed with bullets as they hid under tables while a diner at one restaurant describing how a 'pile of bodies' built up on the ground.

One witness at the Belle Equipe cafe, where 18 people were killed, described how he saw one female diner lying dead with 'a hole in her face' before coming within a metre of the gunmen.

A witness to another attack at the Casa Nostra pizzeria said he saw a terrorist dressed all in black 'like a combat soldier' firing short bursts from a machine gun.

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