Monday, May 4, 2015

2015-05-03 Tel-Aviv: Violence in ethiopian jews demonstrations against police brutality

2015-05-03 TEL-AVIV to BALTIMORE, FERGUSON - police brutality is a cardinal sign of a totalitarian regime!
The bottom line: Absent live fire, which the Israel Police is unlikely to use against Jewish demonstrators, police is unable to control the situation. Tel-Aviv Police Commander Benzi Sau, who did not hesitate to use live fire against Arab-Israeli demonstrators in the past, held his fire this time around...
For most of the afternoon and evening the center of Tel-Aviv is blocked.
At 10:00pm blast grenades are still repeatedly fired.
There was no serious violence in today's demonstration by Ethiopian Jews against police violence, in contrast with last week.
Both sides kept relatively calm under the circumstances. Demonstrators threw plastic water bottles at mounted police, and police tried to push back from time to time, unsuccessfully.
Vids will follow.

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