Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2015-06-03 ISRAEL tries to block "Breaking Silence" exhibit in Switzerland

    2015-06-03 ISRAEL tries to block "Breaking Silence" exhibit in Switzerland
    The organization collects testimonials from soldiers and officers regarding IDF conduct, most recently during the 2014 Gaza massacre.
    Regardless of the fact that the witnesses are soldiers and officers, who risked their lives in the line of duty, the Israeli government see in such activity conduct close to treasonous... And the manner in which the Israeli government addresses the situation speaks for itself...
    Foreign Ministry trying to foil exhibition in Zurich that includes testimonies by IDF soldiers alleging human rights violations.|By Barak Ravid
  • Adi Ben Yaccov
    מה רע? אין סאטירה בארץ אז היא מופיעה. אגב שמעתי אותה בדרך ומסתבר שכל העם גם שמאל וגם ימין נגד הארגונים הללו. היא גם אמרה שכולם תומכים במבצעים צבאיים כגון צוק איתן, מכך שאני מבין שהיא אומרת שאתה למשל היית בעד המבצע ההוא.....
  • Joseph Zernik Deputy FM instructs Israeli embassy in Switzerland to stop 'Breaking the Silence' exhibit
    The leftist group is scheduled to hold an exhibition in Zurich in June, which will include testimonies by IDF soldiers on alleged human rights violations.
  • Joseph Zernik

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