Sunday, June 28, 2015

2015-06-28 Bet Tzedek - fraudsters of the Los Angeles Jewish community continue to party...

ADL refuses to address evidence of racketeering in Bet Tzedek - the Los Angeles "House of Justice"

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David Pasternak (former President), Sandor Samuels (President/CEO), Terry Friedman (former Executive Director) -- of BET TZEDEK (the Los Angeles "House of Justice"), an affiliate of the LOS ANGELES JEWISH FEDERATION. The evidence shows the three of them colluding in racketeering in the Los Angeles Superior court.[i] Highly decorated FBI veteran, renowned fraud expert James Wedick opined that their conduct was "fraud". [ii] But ADL refuses for years to address the evidence of racketeering in Bet Tzedek.


Los Angeles, the Jewish community, the legal profession, and the financial crisis
Request for compensation, filed today with Bet Tzedek, the Los Angeles "House of Justice", one of the highest visibility institutions of the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles, provides evidence that the charity, priding itself as "one of the nation's premier poverty law centers", was for almost a decade a hub for racketeering by Countrywide's Chief Legal Officer Sandor Samuels - a key figure in the financial crisis that impoverished millions of Americans - through collusion of large law-firms, judges, and banksters. The distinction of Los Angeles County by FBI since the early 2000s as "the epicenter of the epidemic of real-estate and mortgage fraud" was no coincidence...
Thank you for making Bet Tzedek's 19th Annual Justice Ball totally unforgettable!

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