Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2015-07-22 US: Propaganda and blame games

2015-07-22 US: Propaganda and blame games
Here: One of the worst hacks, OPM hack exposed covert agents world-wide - blamed on China... but lacks credibility (see below). Creative excuses are offered now for the partial withdrawal of the blame.
Older; Sony hack - blamed on N Korea, but experts say it was an inside job
Older: Downing MH17 - blamed on Russia, but most likely was perpetrated by US-backed Ukrainian faction....
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The Obama administration’s reluctance to reveal evidence against Beijing reflects a divide in how the U.S. responds to commercial versus traditional espionage.|By Ellen Nakashima
Joseph Zernik US officials investigating China's epic hack 'either need serious help or need to come clean now'
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