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2015-11-13 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation...

Thanks Joseph Zernik for posting:
2015-11-13 PALESTINE: Routines of the occupation...
Here: Amira Hass in Haaretz daily [Hebrew edition], in a short investigative report, which casts doubts on IDF claims of stabbing attacks, and says what was clear all along: In a number of cases, particularly in checkpoints surrounding the old city of Hebron (which Israel is trying to cleanse of Palestinians), IDF soldiers and settlers most likely fabricate stabbing threats, and shoot to death Palestinians for no reason at all, then fabricate the evidence. If the Palestinians don't die immediately - they deny medical care until they die... To wit: All check points are videotaped all the time. In real stabbing attacks, IDF releases the documentation, but IDF refused to release the documentation in cases, which were suspected or claimed by witnesses to be plain murder...
I hope that the entire report is translated by Haaretz in coming days. But the decision, what Haaretz includes and excludes from the English online edition, is an interesting editorial question by itself..."
עדי ראייה מהזירות מספרים על מקרים שבהם פלסטינים שלא היו חמושים ולא איימו על חיי חיילים נורו. עוד עולה מהעדויות כי לאחר הירי מתנחלים מצלמים את הנפגעים ולא מוגש…
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Jameel Khan
Jameel Khan Oh the poor jews
Cynthia Anne
Cynthia Anne This is what I've been thinking. Planting knives...
Naim Karim
Naim Karim Shades of US policy of considering all males killed in a drone attack to be terrorists until proven otherwise posthumously (how well do you think a dead man can defend himself). Similarly all Palestinians now killed by Israel are knife attacker - by definition. Oh yes, we do have a lot of shared values.
Joseph Zernik
Joseph Zernik "shared values" - like it! one of the core shared values is MSM presstitution. Most Israeli MSM parrot government and even more so IDF scripts, no questions asked... From faking the reports on the Netanyahu-Obama meeting, to murder of Palestinians in Hebron.

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